My "Chap Goh Mei" =p

6:13 AM

Hello my fellow readers~^^
HAH! here's my recent school look =p
nowadays too hot liao !! :P

Late update again & again...MUAHAHA
Yesterday was Chap Goh Meh rite?
Hmm..."chap goh mei" is the 15th day of Chinese New Year..
and it's also the LAST DAY T^T wuuu~ =p
no more CNY mood le...STUDY AHHH JANICE! xD

Chinese usually gather together and hv dinner together with their family members..

SO DO I ! =p

I hv my dinner at my grandma's hse =)


those thing inside looks cute rite? It's actually fishballs =p many dishes prepared by my aunt ^^

Nasi bryani =p
CUTE!! =3=

Dont really eat much tat day...
I'm on DIET-MODE!!
I wanna bcum slim...& wanna prove tat...I CAN DO IT!
1 more thing..hv to get back to my studies n dont play too often liao...
JANICE ahhh...SPM liao lo..
last year must PIA!~ n.n
Thx for reading...Do visit me again ^~^

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