My B'day celebration on 19th Feb 2011 ^^

4:41 AM

Happy Birthday to ME...
I'm goin to be 17 on 21st of Feb 2011
I celebrate my bday wiv my frenss earlier =)

My B'day cake designed by Alby =) last I celebrated my bday @ Delizze..the 4th venue after changing here n thr -.-

The food over thr was nice ^^
I ate the sterlion steak thr xD
alby n me =)
Sandra n me ^^
Me n my cake =3=
Whoo~lighted wif candless luu =p
Enjoying our dinner...

Thanks to all my frens...Love u all =)
Kinda sad tat he's nt here wiv us..
tats all for today

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