13 & 14 Feb 2011 =)

9:29 PM

Hi Everyone =)
I'm gonna blog on wad I did & whr I went on 13 of Feb 1st...
Oh well..
I went Kado wif Alby,n other frens,,but b4 tat I went to her hse 1st
So both of us reached thr earlier...
PICHA TIME! muahaha~ -.-
Me n Alby =) *I LOVE tis pic*

Both of us shared tis 1st..
cos it's a big portion lamb burger..yum yum!

Kado Chicken chop(mine n alby's) beef steak(vivi's)

Woots girlss! ^^

Vivi n me...*peace ^^v

hehe...Kado is really a nice place for gathering wif frenss..
It's located behind lok thian..
U might not see it very obvious bcs its located on d second floor
So watch out for it ^^
the price nt expensive too..
go hang out wif ur frens thr ^^
I'm gonna blog abt VALENTINE'S DAY!!
After school...I went The Spring wif my dear =)
Went to MBO watched "I LOVE HONGKONG"
nice movieee!!! so funny..
Tutu n mop,Ah wei n her Bf 4lowed us too
Met Bryan Chia at d carpark n many other school frens thr xD
And I received my 1st bouquet of roses in my entire life..
I'm really happy =3=

After tat we went Memories@padungan for dinner at around 11pm++
haha..so late ryt!
tutu n mop =p

Tis is me n dear's couple keychain frm Memories ^^
nice~hehe ..LOVE IT

Memories..Din walk around to take pics thr..
But it's very nice..kinda romantic
n my camera quality was !#$%&#* URGH..knt capture pics in dark de
quality nt good T^T..
the lightings thr was too dim lahh..cos lidat baru romantic mahhh xD
Dear's Chicken chop..It has a nice name called ..
"Can't stop loving you-Chicken chop" *If im nt wrg =p

My Fish & Chips !...* I 4gt the name edy* ==
We ordered a 3 course couple's dinner...
It was served wif corn soup,drinks,n wif desserts lastly =)
Great dinner ^^
I really enjoyed tis day & I wont 4get tis day I SWEAR!
Thx dear for ur love..and Everything!
I appreciate It very much~LOVE FOREVER..

♥ X.O.X.O ♥

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