2:37 AM

Halo =)
It's DECEMBER already~woots =)
dunno wad to blog abt again lei
let the picture talk =D
Hi...*mirror frm ah boyy*
Im so WHITE le rite? WHEE...~tis pic dunno y weird weird de??@@
BAD HAIR DAY i guess?? T^T
Whee,go jogging luu~

Oh ya !
I went to a nice place today..
ermm...mami went to buy gardening stuffs...
we bought 2 pack of rocks too...
very prettyy de pebbles i thk? =D

nahh...show u guys the picha thr =)

those rocks look like DINOSAUR EGGS =P

mum & I went to Delizze again...
FYI,I'll show the pic outside delizze...
If u wanna go,it's just located at premier 101
u can see it by the roadside la..
kinda obvious =)
I thk tat's the nicest pastry shop in town xD
everythg taste nice too

gingerbread house =))

yummy cakes...
Wish u hv a good day =)
thx for reading..

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