7:26 AM

Im trying to play a game recently..=)
It's STEPS!!
I Love the leng =D
can create urself geh =p
nahh...I screenshot the page but I dunno save in wad album..
So i use d cam to take the pic lo T^T
Nice rite? lenglui ahh..
I create de..MUAHAHA
Love tis =3=
Another look =p
Lengzai tat i created =p
I wan buy the clothes..HAHA
cheh~no nid la..try on enuf le..nid use real money buy de lo..
Im not so crazy xD
My new fridge =D
My minute maid daily supplies~``MUAHAHA!!

Mum added an ice-cream BAR 2day..LMAO~!! xD
nitez =)

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