Christmas wish list! =)

9:27 PM

Hello READERS ! =)
Christmas is just around the corner
Do u hv a wish list ? =P
I bet EVERYONE DOES rite? :)
hope our SANTA CLAUS *parents* will make our dreams come true..
But for mine...aduhhh...hard la xP
But i've also prepared gifts for my frens n my LOVE's still a TOP SECRET! LOL

My Wish List for 2010
SONY T90 pink cam..looks nice ryt ~aww...o.0
BLACKBERRY !~hehe cute ehhh~

SONY VAIO pink lappie ^^ LOLs
*want tis badly*

BYE! haha
I Go DREAM liao =p

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  1. okok thx <3 X.O.X.O I'll link u back ^^

  2. hai...passing by.haha...u reallly are a pink freak..btw, my sis own that sony T90 pink's a great camera..anyway, merry christmas...may ur dream come true..

  3. cHoO_cHOo..YESH! I love pink very much =)
    wow...I wan tat cam so badly ...hehe..enjoy ur christmas too ^^


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