Estee Lauder #beautyplayground launch @ Sunway Pyramid

11:46 AM

 Hello guys, what do you think when the brand "Estee Lauder" cross your mind?

You might be thinking like "OH I think my mum uses it!" true that. That's what I'll be telling you if you asked me so. Nowadays, many brands are trying to revamp their image in our mindset and start keeping up their pace towards the younger generation. In this case, Estee Lauder is doing this as well.

Estee Lauder launched their FIRST ever #beautyplayground concept store in the world @ Sunway Pyramid!

Yes!! First in the world yet it's located in Malaysia :O

and guess what! They've selected KENDALL JENNER to be the face of their brand!!! OMG she's definitely one of the hottest teenager on earth and many girls look forward ro be like her right! My role model :)

 So the store was launched on the 26th of November. Every aspect is this store is specially designed to the millennial generation! US! yayyy 

There are 6 sections in the shop
  1. 'Glow On' : This is where the beautician from the team will show you the way to have greater skin and the perfect canvas to put your makeup on
  2. 'Glam Up' : The station where you get to play along with all the colours and get your makeup done
  3. 'Get Polished' : Nails bar! They've quite a lot of nice nail polish colours which you can check it out here
  4. 'Mix & Mingle' : You don't wanna have a bad smell after looking great right? So this is the station where you can try to smell the fragrances by Estee Lauder.
  5. 'Gift Guide' : You might think that their product is too good and wanna buy some for your girlfriends, so just proceed to this station :P Buy some for my Christmas present maybe? hehe
  6. 'Strike A Pose' : So there is a digital photo wall in their shop which they prepared for youngsters like us to take a SELFIE. Don't be shy. However I think this station should be improvised as the photo wall creates back lit and makes our face look dark :( 

Thanks to Estee Lauder for this voucher!!! FYI I bought a lipstick with it :)
 FOOD. TBH i did not even eat during events. Don't know why maybe I scared someone saw the greedy me non stop stuffing food into my mouth :')

The pretty Patricia K was the emcee of the day!

Their in house make up artist, Leo Wong was there to do a make up demonstration for us. Leo has been in this industry for the past 13 years WOW and he is a well known makeup artist in Hong Kong. He had done the make up of many famous artist in Hong Kong for example: Lynn Hung, Flora Cheung, Moses Chan, Gaile Lai and many more! OMG

Look how pretty the model was after his make up! But the model is already initially pretty without make up...envy! hmmp!

 Look who I met! the fashionable couple, Tristan & Samantha! They're both in the makeup industry too :) Tristan is my friend from Kuching and now he's a makeup artist @ Mac Cosmetics,KLCC

The store is quite high tech as you can see the price or the colours through the iPad at each station

Too many shades to choose from. So if you're confuse about the colours that suits you, you can actually approach the staffs in the stores (they are really friendly) and they will put the colours on you so you can see which suits you best!

Thanks to JessytheKLchic! she introduced me to many bloggers during the event as this was my first time attending event ALONE :((( but it's not as scary as I thought it would be! I should overcome this fear already

Special thanks to Kaylee, this pretty makeup artist who helped me on selecting the best lipstick I want! You guys can look for her in the store :)

I hope you all enjoy this post and do check out Estee Lauder's beauty playground at Sunway Pyramid soon if you have not do so!!!


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  1. Your choice is perfect, you're the most Beautiful Girl in Malaysia, you face look like Beautiful Rose.i still looking for a Beautiful GF when i meet my first love so i will must visit this VIP shop with my GF,


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