Hello Holiday :) (Sharon's 21st + Pangkor trip + Project space)

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Hello my dear blog, I'm here for updates again :)

 So I'm gonna start this from Sharon's 21st birthday! A year older, a year wiser yeah!
Thanks for inviting me over :) So we had the dinner at La Risata-Bar Pizzeria Ristorante, Damansara. The food was quite good, especially the pasta! But the road to go there was quite tricky so be extra careful when you dive there! My friend and I got lost for half an hour during our journey there LOL

The address:
128, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Tel: +60 3-2095 9572

 My pretty ladies :)

Opps I didn't really took any pic of the food there :P but the portion is quite big and it's worth the price!

Pretty bday girl cutting her cake :P

Happy bday once again girl, GBU XOXO



Wheeeee finally a getaway to the beach! Although this trip was actually an assignment trip fml -.- but we still enjoyed a lot and I wish the time just stop at that moment :(
Took a long ass bus ride to the Marina jetty! Waited few hours there to catch the first ferry to Pulau Pangkor

 Once you reached Pulau Pangkor you'll see many pink vans around you! That's actually their taxi. So cute because they're PINK! So if you wonder how they'll charge you, they actually charge by the rate per trip. One van can fit 10 person max. For example: We took a trip from out hotel (Coral bay resort) to Nipah Deli Steamboat & Noodle house and it cost RM20 per trip, if to town it'll be RM10 per trip. It'll be quite cheap if you divide among 10 friends :)

 So we went to one of the Pulau Sembilan which is called Pulau Lalang. ATTN: DO NOT come to this island if you happen to be in Pangkor. We're here for assignments so our lecturer purposely chose an isolated and abandoned island LOL that island has NOTHING. yes N.O.T.H.I.N.G hahaaha and it's full of rubbish 

 I enjoyed the most on the speed boat trip LOL feels like sitting on a roller coaster ride! maybe even more fun than that because you got to get wet by the splashes from the sea water.

 Played some games while we arrived.

 K I just love my new casing that I just bought on Shopee :P #toocute

 Yin Ying training to be a jungle lady.

When you're in Pangkor you MUST MUST MUST try their water activities. It's quite cheap too. We played 3 types of games for RM50 per person.
 This game called POPARAZZI is only available in Pulau Pangkor so you guys must play this if you're here. BE PREPARED TO GET HURT A LIL. I got injuries everywhere after playing these, especially on my knee. scratches all around. OUCH.

 K spamming with my poser photos.

Ice cream is the best thing to have during a hot weather!

 Bought this dress from their local store. Just wanna feel beachy LOL

Steamboat by the beach at this place called Nipah Deli. As told by the locals, it's even better if you come at night because it'll be more romantic. My first experience to eat by the beach and IT WASN'T A GOOD EXPERIENCE. We met lots of visitors like bees, flies and cockroaches :O #closetonature but they told us we have not seen the worst, SNAKES. ok thank God. 
We had seafood for 3 days. Trust me, what I posted was not only what I ate...there's more...HAHA

The famous cendol in Sekinchan. OMG I NEED IT NOW!

BYE Pangkor. These are all the awesome people that made this trip wonderful! Miss you all :)

Project Space
Address: 57-1 Jalan SS15/8A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor (right opposite Asia Cafe SS15)

My second visit here and I think they really improved a lot on their quality of coffee and cakes. The most happy part is I met my all time favourite blogger, Jane Chuck :)

Nice to see you again! Will come again soon.

 Do drop by and try their stuffs! If you're lucky enough you might see your favourite blogger here too :)



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  1. Wonderful trip,amazing photographs,i see some foods in first time, you looking so Gorgeous, i really wish join you a Wonderful loveley and romantic trip same like that,

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  3. Wooow Your 3rd pic from the end, what a smile Beautiful, I want to die on this beautiful lovely smile, You're the Most Beautiful Girl in Malaysia, You're Really 100% a Beautiful princess,


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