Lacoste Chantaco Launching Event @ KLCC

10:31 AM

Hello, so this is my second time attending a Lacoste event. The first one was the lauching of Lacoste Live at Bangsar Village :)
This event at KLCC was held on last Wednesday @ Lacoste KLCC, 2nd Floor near centre atrium. 

If you're wondering, Why CHANTACO ? How do they named it this way?

Chantaco is a French word. Felipe Oliveira Baptista, the creative director of Lacoste. visited the Basque area of France for inspiration. Thus, this season’s Chantaco bag takes its name from a favourite Lacoste family golf course there, where the crocodile’s golf champion wife Simon Thion de la Chaume especially enjoyed playing. The tote comes in canvas that’s embossed to resemble the woven chevrons of signature petit-piqué fabric in René Lacoste’s first designed polo shirt (it’s also reminiscent of the dimpled surface of a golf ball). The bag is also in more limited distribution than Lacoste’s regular collections – just fifty top Lacoste stores in the world. The summer edition comes in basic black and a seasonal white, sky blue or navy. ----- extracted from

I kinda love the gold plated crocodile logo in their new series. It gave a very elegant touch to the bags and the wallets so we can feel more classy while holding it :P the new Chantaco series all are made from leather. Leather are more durable right? It's quite worth to buy. I can see that Lacoste had improved quite a lot in their designs lately. I used to think that it's an "uncle"/"old-fashioned" brand few years back but now they've bring in more nice designs to their clothes and bags. The prices falls in medium high range so students still can afford it.

 Me trying to pose with the bag :P Buy one maybe? FOR MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT!
Spot Amber Chia! Always so gorgeous. I'm 21 but still not as hot as her....#sadjaniceissad

 Photo printouts by @fotoboxmalaysia ! Love attending events nowadays because they'll always have a photobooth for us to take nice pictures like this! 
With the event buds @Lucaseelau & @Kelv_teoh

They also brought a French guy to the event to do name engraving on the spot. So if you purchase your bags that day you can customized your name on it! Not sure whether they provide this service on usual day or not...hmm..

 What is an event without FOOD!!

The hot emcee JOEY! 

and Malaysia's most talented violinist @Joshkua !!! (screaming in my mind AHHH)

Ending this post with my BF OF THE DAY ...say hi bae LOL #iwish 

Check out for more designs of the bag :)



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  1. Wah so exciting. Now you got me tempted on buying a bag from them. TBH this is my first time hearing about JoshKua. Shall google him now. hahaha. btw super cute la this post, especially your hashtag #sadjaniceissad LOL

    1. omg u should go and see him perform live!!! you'll melt :P

  2. You're really %100 amazing beautiful princess


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