(VibeHero) Food review : Marquee Lounge KL, BB Park

12:20 AM

Hello Readers!
I went to VibeHero's food tasting again! WHEE
I think I'm gonna grow fatter if I don't start working out :(
So, this time we went to BB Park KL.

Venue : Marquee Lounge KL
GL-10, BB Park (opposite Plaza Low Yat), 7 Jalan 1/77, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Like their Facebook page to know more : https://www.facebook.com/marqueeKL

I think this lounge is really nice but unfortunately the location is inconvenient :( Surprisingly the food there is amazingly GOOD. Seriously. I did not put high expectations for the food in a lounge and yet it turns out so nice. WOW

Menu for our food tasting event.

lettuce, apples, avocados & walnuts, covered in tangerine dressing
I love anything with avocados! a very clean salad and I should eat more of this HAHA

crispy potato skins with BBQ chicken and topped with home-made coleslaw
LOVE this! at first I thought that the fillings were salmon but it turns out that they were just chicken hahaha

breaded and fried boneless chicken with braised tomato sauce with carrots and peas. Served with fries and coleslaw.
This dish is  so so only for me. I am avoiding fried food nowadays :X

fragrant basmati rice steamed fresh with squeezed pandan leaves and coconut milk, curry chicken or beef rendang accompanied by homemade sambal belacan, kangkong, fried anchovies and egg.
If I get to come again, I would order this. I wouldn't know that I will like a nasi lemak in a lounge ! Like everything in this dish ! the kangkong, sambal, chicken...ooohhhh I miss this ! :( Chicken is tender too ! Good for people with braces HAHA

rice noodles with prawns, strips of chicken, omelette with our thich seasoned gravy
When me and Vivian saw the menu we thought that "Sarawak Laksa?! U seriously want us Sarawakians to judge your Laksa?" LOL... BUT...it turns out better than alot of the places that serve Sarawak Laksa. Compared to the authentic ones, the gravy is more milky and santan (coconut milk) taste stronger. So sad they did gave normal chilli sauce instead of belacan :( Anyways, still yummy :)

a burger with chicken patty mixed with their own special recipe, lettuce tomatoes and onions. Served with french fries.

I like that the patty is juicy! It really flows out when I'm trying to cut it ! Really thick patty :D

a piece of french toast topped with an all beef patty and covered in cremy mushrooms and brown gravy
The patty is a little bit salty for me but I cannot deny that the patty here is good. Thick and flavourful. They made it themselves that's why you can taste the difference of homemade and readymade patties :)

strips of chicken fillet, red bell peppers and peas, coated in special light tomato sauce. Best with pappardelle pasta.
I was too full when I tried this dish. Like what I said, all the food here really taste good! NON of them actually sucks :)

beef salami, chillies, cheese, oregano and tomatoes

Do you trust me if I tell you the pizza here taste better than those selling in a pizza shop?

prawns, squid, mussels with cheese, oregano and tomatoes

Love this the most!! Real seafood in the pizza ! COME N TRY IT IF U HAVE THE CHANCE!

 Free flow cocktails again! I think I can be a Pro about cocktails after attending all these events :P
 I had Cosmopolitan and Sex On the Beach on that night :)
The Sex on the Beach here is good :)

 Say Hi ! I really love to attend events because I can meet more new friends! Expand my social network hehe
 Thanks to all the VibeHeroes! This is why I have the chance to be there :)
Thanks to the pretty Alicia for driving us there !
She even requested us to carpool her before I asked her ! YAYYY living away from home is so sad because we always have problems with our transportation. I always cannot attend lots of events because of this issue :(

 My companion of the day is Vivian again HAHA
 Random pictures of me :P

 The co-founder of VibeHero, Alex :D

 The founder of VibeHero, Andrea :)

 The nice and friendly people that won't make me feel awkward even though we're just new friend :P 
 The view outside of Marquee lounge. I think most foreigners come here because they is no particular carpark for this area so they have to park in low yatt plaza or sg.wang

My overall experience of Marquee lounge is: 9/10

It will score full marks if the location is located in a better place :x Food there is really worth a try :)

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