Food Review : La Boca Latino Bar @ Pavilion Lvl 3

11:54 AM

Hello readers!
Yay, I've ended my exam so I'll gonna blog about food again today!
It is a sudden invitation from my friend Richard and I really appreciate this experience.Thanks to VibeHero for this food tasting experience! *sorry for the late updates*
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Venue : La Boca Latino Bar
C3.10.03 Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur (opposite Carlos & next to Tom, Dick & Harry)
 Menu of the day ! So excited as I just rushed down to city all the way from Subang Jaya just to attend this event :) NO REGRETS!
Love the colourful settings! It makes me feel happy :D The ambience of the restaurant is comfy and I feel so relax inside here. Lots of friendly foreigners come here and it seems like they really enjoy themselves here.
Appetizer of the day: SAUTEED SPANISH OLIVES
well marinated and it tastes a little sourish and salty, makes you wanna eat MORE!
NACHOS served with guacamole / tomato dip
yummm yummm how can you say NO to nachos?

sauteed prawns in vvirgin olive oil, garlic and parsley served with fresh baguette
THIS IS MY FAVOURITE AMONG ALL I just love it because nothing goes wrong with garlic & parsley! I would definitely come back for this :)
lamb shortlion served with latin salad, steak fries & mint chimichurri
Meat lover shall never miss this ! I personally think that the mint sauce is not needed :x
traditional South American cornbread sandwich served with green salad and fried tapioca with shredded chicken "reina pepiada"
A very healthy meal, yet don't underestimate this greenish look dish because it tasted better than how it looks like!
baked Argentinean pasties, stuffes with minced chicken served with chunky spicy tomato dip
For me it really taste like Curry Puff (Karipap) :/ not a fan of curry.
homemake corncakes, cooked in plaintain leaves, stuffed with shredded chicken, served with saffron rice and mixed bean salad
 Not my type of dish but you can give it a try. Maybe it is not flavoured enough for my picky taste bud :O
beef short ribs with chipotle cheddar mashed potatoes and grilled baby vegetable
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE  X infinity hahahahha! What could I said besides love? LOL the meat was braised for 4 HOURS before served!

 That's why you see! OMG so tender right
roasted red bell peppers stuffed with shredded beef
Did not get to try this because I'm not a fan of bell peppers :(
original with passion fruit and mint
I personally love this, they really blend some strawberries in I think :)
caramelized banana with creme de banana & grand marnier with coconut ice cream
 Looks so cool kan? But sorry ah I don't really like the taste. The alcohol tasted too strong :X
rustic and homey chocolate & coffee ice cream cake
YUMMY DESSERT to end this wonderful meal :3

Companion of the day, Vivian...again :D
Met lots of wonderful people and I really enjoyed alot that night. Nice food...nice people...nice environment..PERFECT! I wish I could have more chances like this!
Overall rating for this restaurant : 8.5/10 :)
Till then,

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