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OHAIYO ! Hello my fellow readers...
those who followed me on instagram should have knew that I went to Pulau Redang last week right?
A VERY RANDOM n SUDDEN PLAN. I went thr on Friday while I was only informed the day before. So ON kan? haha 
I considered myself as a really lucky person because I won this trip just because I went to the hpv injection and got this trip fully sponsored OMG !
Wanna be like us? Stay tuned on the website (LPPKN)
Meet the to me is Yu Mey, then Izzati (also known as TT) & Vivian.
 Vivian  & I..left both of us because actually we are suppose to come with Evin,Sharon n Karyyn but they can't make it we join TT n Yumey :D our new friends hehe
 UP UP HERE WE GO! wheee can't excited on the plan u know !
 We reached Kuala Terrenganu first then we used a ferry to the pulau (island)

 our hotel for our 3 days 2 nights trip. Laguna Redang Island Resort ! This is where Angelababy filmed her movie previously omgggg...I'm here !

We are given a refreshing welcoming drink. Love it !
 Our suite ! 310 :)
The exciting girls
 The room is very spacious..a room for 4 people.. two more bed opposite :P
The view from our the beach outside there! OMG like heaven. I wish I could stay here everyday T^T
 The swimming pool is right outside our room and we did not even get a chance to dip inside bcs we love the sea too much HAHA

Selfie is a must! So pretty how can I not....turn into a camwhore HAHA

 Everything is like so magical there..very relaxing...I don't feel like coming back n face those stress urghhh
 I start to appreciate the little things of our life...nature...too pretty
There is blue glowing sand by the sea at night! (Tips: it appears when there's no moon ^^)

 Besides having snorkelling trip everyday, we had buffet EVERYDAY! bfast, lunch & dinner HAHA
 Eating by the seaside..pls take me there again!

U can see squirrels everywhere. so cute right :)
 Look at our food ! We r fed like that every single day over there ..I miss..

 The sea water in Pulau Redang is more to turquoise colour !

 In total, we went to 3 different places to see different kinds of fishes n corals. We even see shark!

 baby turtle ! So cute right?!

 sorry ah the thing on my head is not my wrinkles xD is because of the goggles la hahaha

 RM 7 for 1 pic lo T^T but love it so much wheee

 Sunrise at Pulau Redang ! Phenomenal :)

I'm sure that I will come back one day...

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