New classmates,say HI maybe? :)

3:30 AM

 I've already started my degree class for more than a week..but I still don't know all of my classmates T^T
Why u guys no talk to me? I SHY !

I missed the whole orientation so I din get to know many people. Orientation is the best time for you to know more friends, and I missed all of them (including my orientation during foundation) :(

OMG..ok I may be a bit cray cray when I know you for quite sometime..but I'm not really good at making new friends LOL *it depends too*. FML

I don't think I will find any shopping mates in my current class. NOOO
but maybe this is something GOOD :D haha

I scared later ppl think that I'm haolien or whatsoever. BUT RIGHT.. I have to tell u guys that I'm normally closer to guys. Not because I hiao or what la.  
BECAUSE GIRLS GOT LOTS OF DRAMASSSS ! *unless u're not fake*
I don't like people who like to brag too BE HUMBLE PEOPLE !
so yeahh...I'm straight-forward n boyish. HAHA I think there's a guy living in me. LOLLL

I wanna find hardworking n efficient group mates. I prefer the creatives one ! But since I don't know them, how could I have group mates lehhh? HELPPPP One thing I don't like about group assignment is because one single person may destroy the progress of one whole group. So, LAZY PEEPS STAY AWAY! 

OMG I SOUND SO MEAN. but true wad.

Signing off with love,


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