Last Saturday's Topshop Event !

9:28 AM

OMG I almost got heart attack when I received the photos storage limit notice from blogspot :O
Thank God I asked Ashley ! If not I'm doomed !

So ya..this post is kinda late :( It's about the Topshop event that was help at Topshop, Mid Valley last Saturday. I went to that event for CHUCKEI !! wohoo..yeahh..I'm a fan of her..*I sound like a bian tai*

Before going there, something unlucky happened to me :( MY KEYS DROPPED INTO THE LIFT GAP !
who on earth will drop keys into that gap right?!...yea..Me.. :(
Then I have to pay RM 200 for to tell mummy :O


I wonder what Jane thinks if she keep on seeing me in events that she goes to. I'm like a stalker T^T WALAO
It's the second time that I met her in real life :P and I always give gifts to her because I don't know when is the next chance I'm seeing her..:/
She's my inspiration n motivation ! I wanna be as pretty as I'm working hard to make myself look better ! Will I have a chance to be her friend? *dream* lol

Thank you Topshop for helding this event ! I RSVP-ed and got invited ! so happy..
I woke up damn early for that event ..and was never regret..
Yummy light breakfast catered by Coffee Bean
love the smoked salmon thingy..foodgasm ! OHHH :P
Unfortunate I have not enough budget to shop already..
but the new collection is really nice ! go check out ! :D

Guess who I met??

KERYN! She went there alone ! :O OMG so daring ! wanna ask her to join us after the event but cannot find her after that T^T
 Jane appeared ! 
AWW so pretty
There's some Q & A sessions going on and my question that I requested has been asked :D
I asked her since when she started blogging n how she became famous..hehe
 quite many ppl tho...because it's early in the morning..this is good enough ~ 
The power of Jane ! LOL
 Love her hair...but she's having bangs now... :/

 Companion of the day ! LULU xD
 I'm trying to take an artistic pic btw HAHA..this is Nana taking a pic of Jane ^^
 OOTD~ very simple ~ outer wear is from Cotton On. and the dress inside is from Topshop :)


My heels strap broke after hving lunch DAFAQQQ !!
have to spend money buying shoes again.. (sorry Mummy :'( )


 Me with Jane, Chuckei !
 Her sis, Ashley ^^
 Natalie Saw ! Vote her video for the "Vios Chosen One"
 Nana and me ! :) 
Chuckei and me again  !! YAY

Signing off here !


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