Day trip to Melaka ♥

7:09 AM

Hi yo :)
I'm gonna blog about yesterday's Malacca day trip ^^
Went to Malacca with my mum, bro, aunt n uncle ~ departed around 7.30am and reached around 9 something ..I guess LOL
So this is my second time to be in Malacca whereas it's my mum n bro's first time. This trip is basically about... again :((
HOW CAN I SLIM DOWN LIKE THAT?! diet plan failed :/

We went to JONKER STREET. It was quite packed as it was on a Saturday. It's super hot..* TIPS: so don't forget to bring along your sunblock, hat, umbrella...etc to cover yourself from the hot sun ! :D

Here's a list of MUST EAT food in Malacca :)

(I tried plenty of Durian Cendol during this trip and my fav ones is the one from a shop called "San Shu Gong")
2. Nyonya Laksa 
*cooked with coconut broth YUMMERS*
3. Chicken Rice Ball
(always very long queue lahhh T^T)
4. Nyonya Bak Zhang
(very unique, got blue rice inside lehhh !)
5. Satay Celup
( I never tried it yet :( )
6. Mille Crepe Cake from Nadeje
(tried it on my previous trip wiv my friends ME LIKE)
So let the pictures talk !! 

Anymore anymore? Tell me if you know so I can try them during my next trip :D

So now, let the pictures talk ^^

A typical tourist shot in front of the Christ Church Melaka
My bro

Mummy :D
okayyy, I'm fat... :( this kind of fancy trishaw can be seen everywhere

 I went to the Nyonya Museum too..but we are not allowed to take any pictures inside :( It's worth to pay a visit although it's RM10 for adults! The famous Singapore movie,Little Nyonya is filmed inside there !!
 You can find lots of artistic n cool cafe in Jonker Street :)

Malacca muscle man ! HAHA

We also went up to St. Paul Church
 I think the building there is cool !

 According to my uncle, there's a story about this statue. This person called St Paul is a father in ancient days, When he passed away, the statue was build in front of the church as a memory but ONE DAY, a lightning strike on the statue and the hand of the statue broke. This is because, St.Paul has no hand when he passed away O.O *creepy* dunno if it's real or not xD
 Bought two pieces of his drawings as souvenirs~
 Durian cendol, Nyonya Laksa....the fishball was the best ! YUMMEH !
 Chicken rice ball .. this is not the famous ones T^T the rice ball here is too dry ...I don't like. The queue of the famous ones is too long. Some more very hot lo ! a lot of people still willing to wait ! The Power of Yummy Food ! 
Fish cake ^^
We left there during sunset...bye food...LOL

Have you been there yet? If no, PACK YOUR BAGS AND GO NOW ! haha

This is the end of my post ! nights peeps :)


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