sweet memories :3

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Hi my fellow readers =)
Welcome to my blog once again ! I'll be quite a long post today

I'm gonna talk about my site trip to Sabak Bernam during last friday n yesterday--A 2 days 1 night trip
and also about the Tiger AMF concert at Sunway Lagoon

We depart from our school around 3.30pm (time delayed) the actual time shud be 2pm,
and first went to a factory of making local snacks. *lots of flies! EWW*

After that,we proceed to the paddy field~
nice scenery but the sun thr is VERY HOT! I guess I'm abit tanned now =(
they have the newest technology of processing the paddy rice,cool~
but we're late,so we did not get the chance to experience it ...so we only view some pics frm the slideshow :/

Finally we reached our home stay kampung "air manis"
they separate us into groups and each groups have their own foster parents
my group consists of 12 girls and we got to stay in a traditional wooden house O.o

It's quite suffering at first because of  MOSQUITOES !!
u can't imagine how many mosquitoes thr is ! very scary wan !!
mosquito repellent is also not useful anymore ARGHH! 
one group of LUCKY GUYS got a foster parent who has the best house in the kampung has AIRCOND in their room and they do not need to bear with those mosquitoes! and hv Unifi somemore !!! WTH ! fml

But it's quite fun afterall !
We got the chance to bond with our friends!
We experience a lot of new thgs thr...learned the Kuda Kepang dance, see AWESOME FIREFLIES AT NIGHT, make pressed cake, draw batik, row a boat, fishing, catch fish, flying kite....etc
FUN !!! unforgettable :3

Me n Cynthia ^^

 A short talk introducing their company

 snacks ! I bought a pack of cracker n yam chips =P

 Kampung style rolled cake 
 We're heading to the paddy field !!

 wahhh !
nice onot? =)

 the sun is too bright !! me n Deidre =)
 Samantha n me =)

 Dinner on d first day ! *Lots of ants on d banana leaf :O and I found grasshopper in my drink...it's ALIVE!*

 traditional kampung house...fyi..kampung means village ^^

 Cynthia in action =P
 My cute teacher Pn.Yati ^^ ! Jeng Jeng Jeng~~

 nice tiles
 pressed cake ! the end product is nice ! it's cooked like our chinese TangYuen but it's cooked with lots of santan (coconut)
 batik painted by us !
 Congkak (malaysia traditional game)
 row row row your boat ~
saw my sexy back? =p
 fishing !!
I love this !! i think it's called clam rite?? LOL * see hw much we ate! xD*
 Baby rilakkuma sun tanning =)

 Fly high !!!
 flying kite !!! nvr did it since young ! finally hv the chance !
the wind is so so strong thr =)
 My kite !!! yohooo !!

otw back home

TRIP ENDS and went back to Taylors

Once I reached Taylors,I rushed back my room,put my thgs n prepared for the TAMF (by Tiger beer) concert !! 
I wanna see A-Lin and 蕭敬騰 !!
Lucas came my school to fetch me *my friends are supposed to follow but they said they're goin late,so I went thr first !!*
yay ! so happy lahhh !
 A-Lin ! OMG she's AWESOME ! I'm always a big fans of hers...her song is a MUST-SING whenever I go karaoke !!!
 Tiger beer =D 

 蕭敬騰 !!!! SHOUT PPL !!!
 freakin' nice lah ! no regret man !

 After that concert we went to eat at Kim Gary Restaurant =)
too hungry cause I wasn't eating dinner bcs I was rushing all d way thr :O

We're Happy People ! =)

End post 


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