Hip Hip Hooray !

7:54 PM

Hi Hi readers ! I'm back =P
Having lots of fun recently..really love my life now! hahaha
last Saturday,I finally went to club! planned to go Vertigo but it is too pack so we went to G6! 
hehehe...so high la xD
long time nvr go club le ma =p
 this is our gang b4 goin to club =D...Lucas,Bi,and my Ah Boyyy =D
clubbing like a G6~ =p

 flaming lambooooo!

 I know I'm chubby~
Know why? bcs ah boy came,and I hv more good food :O
feeling guilty now!!! fml

 I bought this top but I love the dress too lehhhhh =(

 BBQ plaza..yummm!

 He went back on Tuesday =(
and I gtg gym again ! LOL
FATS,pls leave me ='( I dont need u !!!

Yesterday,me n my moral assignment group mates went to do community service at Rumah Hope (orphanage) ! :)
full of hyperactive kids ! OMG I almost fainted bcs of dizzyness !
they owes ask me turn them ...not one time only..but ALOT OF TIMES!
Not much photos with me,so can't really show u guys the photos..sorry :(
 The guai-est and cutest kid in Rumah Hope
 presentssss !
 goodie bags !!
 Rumah Hope
we played WATER BALLOONS ! hahaha

we really enjoyed thr..those kids are really cute and I REALLY THINK THAT THEY DESERVE A BETTER LIFE !
I can't imagine their life as an orphan since young and their freedom being restricted in here.
Please be more responsible on your own act !
Don't just know how to fuck and ignore all those consequences that might happen !
Childrens are innocent~
I pray to God that they will have a better future and I hope they won't look down on themselves. All of this is because of the selfish and irresponsible act of those peoples who dumped their own kids !
pfft !

End my post here

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