Lovely month :3

11:16 AM

 Hi my fellow readers :)
welcomeeee ^^
*aww..I love my pic above with the Rilakkuma shirt!! arghh*
how's your day?
I'm having lots of memorable n fun days here
went to Claudia's hse sleepover last nite n went to vivian's room to sleepover the nite before
went to Ikea n the curve too
damn broke la this month !
mother's day is also just around d corner...don't forget about ur mum
appreciate their love !
I miss my mum somtimes..just that I won't express it LOL

oh wells.let the pictures talk :)

 Birthday girl....Vivian !

 great food at BBQ plaza~yummmsss
 donut as her bday cake !! 
 salmon n hotdog ! omg..I'm feeling hungry nowwww !
 the awesome meatballs!!!!
 perfect combination !

 Ding Tea @ The curve 
they r hving promo...half price for all drinks at the first 3 days of opening

tadahh~tats all for today ^^
gtg slp naoo...

attending Brenda's bday celebration tonite =) 
Happy Birthdayyy !


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