I'm back !! update update !

10:51 PM

HELLO boys n girls !
 Phew...finally settled everythg ~ 
FYI,I'm already in university now ~ Taylor Lakeside University !! yay ~
Being quite busy recently so I can't update my blog..I bought my own laptop n now I'm able too blog anytime ! WHEE

I'm quite satisfy with my accomodation room but it's quite pricey...RM1100 per mth *for single room with sharing bathroom*! WALAO rite? n not very big also...pffttt~

I celebrated my Chap goh meh with friends last nite~first time ever !!

show u some pichas I've taken ever since I came to KL :)

 My pinkish room !!! I bought everythg pink ! even my pail to wash my clothes is also pink ! MUAHAHA !
I'm a pink freak !
 I brought some of my shoes along..thr's some more in d plastic bag ! LOL
I seriously need a shopaholic n fashion trendy friends!!! :(
 messy table :/
 My uni !! :)

 Udon mee set...RM 8 per set...quite ok rite? it's a Japanese restaurant called Marufuku in my campus
 Ninja Joe..not reli nice but d packaging is cute...the burger is SO DAMN SMALL !
 Sakae Sushi!
 Carl's Jr. OMG this is kick man ! so damn huge n so damn tasty...I'm sure tat I'll go back again !
 My first group project done on my orientation day ~unfortunately,d egg cracks a lil bit
We're not supposed to crack the egg..and we hv to make it glide in d air ~
our materials are only cellophane tape n straws ! :) quite fun~

Tommorow starts class again~quite nervous ~
I wanna know more friends !!!
especially LENGLUIsss ~!!!
*I'm not a les !! just tat I like to be wiv lengluisss* HAHA

signing off now ~ TATA


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