21st feb...MY BIRTHDAY

7:36 AM

Hi !!! I'm officially 18 already !! OMG..old :(
actually I'm quite shocked that my new friends actually celebrated my b'day with me !!!
soooo happy =)
thanks for celebrating my bday !! 
especially Jessie,Deidre,Yih Hwan,Jia Rong,Jia Xin,Sue Jing,Ai Pei,Cynthia,Julia,Vivian Tan,Vivian Lee,Adrian AND thanks for all those wishes in Facebook and those who wishes me personally ! =) 
It's an unforgettable 18th bday bash ^^
 Happy Birthday to me =)
 I got this FREE superb-extreme-HUGE milk tea from Wong Kok restaurant
the new light brown rilakkuma is from Yih Hwan and Jia Rong..and they also gave me a pair of earrings ! OMG I love it to the max !
and the card from everyone! Actually I bought the instax mini for myself..but boy said he pay for it n give me as my bday pressie ! =D YAY !

 My awesome friends !!

 my cute Baskin' Robins ice cream cake ! thanks guys...
Tell u guys smthg ! We won 45++ Hitz.Fm Birthday invasion tickets ! WHOOO
Let's rock the partayyyy !!

I'm having a site trip to PJ trade centre tmrw ! BYE..gonna slp now


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