Farewell :(

12:17 PM

 Hi readers ! quite busy during CNY yea?
hmm ~ din reli blog about my CNY lehh~but I'm gonna blog bout my Farewell gathering with friends
this time is not with my school buds..
most of them are not here,*some at KL dy and some at National Service camp*
So well ... I have new close friends ! WHEE :)

Yesterday, I went to Secret Sanctuary with Chiangz,East,Jason,Chen Yii and Siew Ling
Have lots of fun thr ! this is actually our 2nd day out..
thr r more pics in chiang's cam so i cannot show to u guys :( SAD CASE
 This is Secret Sanctuary...located at Stutong area before Giant hypermarket

I also helped my friends in photoshooting ! all pics taken by me ! give me some comments whether it's nice or not? =P
 Siew Ling !!

 Siew ling with chiangz
 my dinner which costs me RM 38  !!! OMG
its nice but pricey ...but overall not bad..cos the environment is SUPERB ! AWESOME !
so romantic ! aww

I went out with Lucas and Paul..we watched "I LOVE HONGKONG" 
at MBO...SO FUNNY !!

  WOOTS ! I love paul's cam !! 
I look so CHIO man ! LOL
wakaka ! btw...I'm leaving Kuching in few hours ltr,I can't sleep !

I'm going Taylor's lakeside to study...
wish me good luck !


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