Valentine's Day :3

9:24 PM

Hi...I'm quite happy during this year's valentine's day..
how bout u? have fun?hehe
Valentine's day is about spending time with your loved ones..friends n family :)
so baby boy flew all the way to KL and celebrate with me ! 

He sent delivery to my class !!'YES I WAS SHOCKED O.o
and happy la... He got me a bouquet of flowers,a huge rilakkuma n a Samsung Galaxy S2
 hehe ! AWW ! fyi,I'm so obsessed with rilakkuma recently
 We also went to pavillion n bukit bintang area :)

 Haloooo ^^

 We also went to Aquaria n after tat dine at Ben's for our Valentines day dinner

 I touched the shark !! xD

 We ate lots of food !!! I din upload all of it..but seriously ALOT !
nid to work out again liao ~


 I went to meet my buddy,Vivienne when we went to bukit bintang area
miss her ahh~we're so far apart frm each other

I guess I should end my post now..
I have lots of assignments to catch with :( bless me


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