Last Day of Sushi King Bonaza =p

10:23 PM

Whee...Hi welcomeeeee~

Last day...It was on the previous thursday =D..21st April

So after school,I followed Vivi to her hse

her sis picked us

I bathed at her hse n straight we went to SUSHI KING @The Spring

We went thr on working hours so it was nt tat much ppl =D
AHH~I sucks without contact lens X.x

We're craving for SASHIMI !!!! Aww~

our plates gets more n more xDFinally....TADAH !!! xD bill Rm 109.85 :O


Tonite's Sherlyn's B'day party at Basaga...

Gonna go n study now if not im nt allowed to go out..

Bye Bye =)


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