Last day of school b4 CNY ^^

5:15 AM

WOHOO! CNY mood is coming...
BUT i really dun feel happy at all...
cos without YOU,my CNY wil jus gonna be bored T^T 5J !! my class...we start to decorate our class and FIGHT wif 5I !!
And we take pichas along the day ! WHEE !!~
San n me =)
San,Me,Alby & Lyn goin crazy LOL!

The GIRLS !!! X.O.X.O

Me & Alby..n nic lee as the background xD

Me,Ju,Lyn & San ^^

VIVI n me ! I miss her we're in different class now =(

5J class picha!!! nice =)

I want YOU to be here on my CNY..
I thk I'll hv a lonely CNY,lonely valentine's or perhaps a lonely b'day =(
I think tats all for today...

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