Aesthetic Treatment Review: Ido's Clinic

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In this society nowadays, getting an aesthetic treatment is no longer something to be ashamed of. Everyone wants to improve themselves especially on how they look. Don't tell me you wanna look uglier! So I am glad to had this chance to visit Ido's Clinic for an aesthetic treatment, filler injection, on my nose. So if you followed me on my blog, this is not the first time I had a filler injection. My previous one was about a year ago so I guess it eventually dissolve as time goes by.
Before I went to Ido's Clinic, I had already heard several good reviews from my friends.

The outlet I went to was the one in Setiawalk, Puchong but they have another few branches in Damansara and Klang and also a few in Johor, Check the locations out at their website

Here's a list of the services they provide:

- Acne Treatment  - Age/ Sun Spot Removal  - Birth Marks Removal  - Dark Eye Circle  - Dull/ Dark Skin  - Hydro-Dermabrasion  - Laser Carbon Peel  - Laser Facial  - Melasma & Pigmentation  - Pores Reduction
- Botulinum Toxin A  - Brow Shaping  - Cheek Augmentation  - Chin Augmentation  - Face Slimming  - Forehead Shaping  - Korea PDO Face Lift  - Lips Enhancement  - Nose Augmentation  - Face Lifting
- Body Sculpting  - Calf Contouring  - Cellulite Reduction  - Cryogenic Lipolysis  - Excessive Sweating  - Hand Rejuvenation  - MesoLipolysis  - Nipple Whitening  - Stretch Mark  - Tattoo Removal  - Underarm Whitening  - Weight Loss

For enquiries on the price you can ring them up for more info 03 5879 3851 (Setiawalk branch)

So if you wonder, why do I recommend Ido's clinic?
The staff there are super friendly! Trust me. I am sometimes a socially awkward person when I'm new somewhere but I went there alone and they don't make me feel awkward at all. The doctor is quite knowledgeable too and it is VERY important to get a certified doctor to do your injections.

So here's the photo of my before and after in a month. I did some botox injection on the sides of my nose too so it relaxes the muscle and it won't look so big like how it used to be.

I really don't know how to live without a nose now :')

Should have show you the face of my pretty doctor, Alicia.

If you realize, my skin condition got better too because of the laser treatment done by Ido's Clinic. I don't mind if you zoom in the before and after photo to compare HAHA My pores really got smaller after a few times doing it.

Ido's Clinic also produces their own skincare product, Medkare. Have been using them since June till now and my skin got a lot brighter (as what told by my friends). My favourite one would be their silk mask! You can also follow their instagram @idosclinic_ +IDO'S Clinic  to check on their latest promotion :)

Do feel free to drop me a comment if you have questions that you're curious about but for the more technical ones you can just email them or send them a facebook message at Ido's Clinic FB Page

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