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Due to the high response from my previous blog post, I decided to do a PART 2 about the "relationship" topic with a subtopic on 'stereotype'. (hmmm maybe I should publish a book hahaha)

Okay so stereotyping affects our relationship? To be honest, Yes. Why did I said so? Guys, imagine this. 

You met a girl from a club. You think that she's hot, caught your attention. You approached her, had fun together, dance together etc. Your friends saw and start asking "Wah, new girl ah?" What would you answer?

"Aiya, girls from club CANNOT ONE LA! play only" is this what you would say? If yes, what is this? STEREOTYPE. She might be the one who'll treat you better than anyone else and she's just having fun in the club because she's single, she just wanna enjoy the music and hangout with her friends, there's nothing better to do on a Friday night, and she ended up in the club; Suddenly, she saw you, think that you're cute, you had the same feelings too BUT you choose to treat her like a party girl that you just wanna have a short term excitement with. Please.

Why can't you just treat her like a normal girl instead of "a-girl-I-know-in-club". Same goes to Tinder matches. Does this mean that you can just treat a girl that you know from Tinder as if she's a "Tinderella" because of your stereotype that all girls on Tinder are one of a kind? Okay there might be girls who are really like that but I personally think that you shouldn't start stereotyping first before you even get to know her. The fundamental rights that must not be neglected between human is mutual respect. So why must we stereotype someone from where you met him/her? Don't you feel sad if you met someone you really like and this is the response you heard from them? The ending might be in a different direction when we stop stereotyping. AND if you chose to date them and yet your relationship end up bad I SWEAR THAT THIS IS NOT BECAUSE OF WHERE YOU MET THEM. It'll end up the same shit no matter how you met this same person. Don't put the blame other stuffs. It doesn't mean that you can put this into the next person you met.

REMEMBER. An asshole will still be an asshole even if you guys met in the library/church/coffee shop. It won't change the fact. 

I can't say that stereotyping is wrong, because I stereotype too. But what the message I wanna convey is "Stereotyping does harm our relationship between human beings and we should try not doing it so often. Get to know that person before drawing a conclusion" It doesn't matter where we met because that really mean nothing. You expect every single person in club, on Tinder, are all the same? Don't be silly. 

We really cant blame ourselves from stereotyping too, because our experience taught us so.

"Just because the past didn't turn out like you wanted it to, doesn't mean your future can't be better than you ever imagined"

Don't lose hope. Hold on,

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