Modern dates ruin our generation

12:15 PM

This post is dedicated to all of us in this generation, especially girls. Whereas in case if any guys are reading this, I hope you're not doing this.

Dating seems to be so different than how it used to be. We can date several people and still unable to find someone who genuinely care about us. Girls generally put in more feelings into a relationship. Fall easily to certain kind of feelings where we think that the guy cares about you and made you feel special but in fact they might be doing this to plenty of girls. One day if they stop doing it we'll eventually feel shitty about ourselves and start feeling insecure about everything. Guys will think that we are too naive, we think too much...but why in the first place it's YOU that made us feel special and yet you just leave when you feels that the girl starts to attach onto you.

The problems about this is because we all think that there's much more choices out there and when we try to seek for more options, we lose someone. The older I get, the harder I think it is to find a right one. 

Dear guys, please don't be a fuckboy if you could. You might hurt a girl's feeling. Maybe you already know this. Maybe you enjoy this feeling. BUT seriously, if a girl doesn't tell you that they're hurt, it doesn't mean that they aren't. They might be just strong enough to play it cool but deep really does something to them. No matter how strong a woman is, they'll still need someone who cares about them. Guys, no matter how playful you are, it's always better when you know that there's actually someone who cares about you and will be there for you when you needed them so please don't be so heartless. If you didn't plan to make them stay, don't make them stay for you :)

"Am I not worth it?" " Not good enough?"  "I did something wrong?"  "Why did they do this to me?" "I've tried my very best?"  "Why things changed all of a sudden? " all these might come across our mind, but we'll never ask. This is because we shouldn't. As we know that they hold no responsibilities in our feelings. They'll run further if you do so. Yeah. Modern dating. We protect ourselves before getting into some trouble and we'll start avoiding it. 

Saw this and it kinda broke my heart and yet it applies to many of us out there. I really hope that dating could be as cute as those high school relationships where we used to do. Going out for a movie, holding hands, little surprises, commitments, promises....

Girls, do you ever feel dumb? So dumb that you can't differentiate a good guy and a good-in-acting guy? You're also unsure what will a guy does when he likes you? IF YES, you're not the only one because this happened to me too. I never give up on trying...but the more I tried, the more hope I lose. Maybe I did it in a wrong way. Maybe I portrayed an image that I'll be fine. It's okay. I believe that there's someone out there who deserve our love. Be patient. 

Good luck girls. For the guys who respect girls, I respect you too. Keep it up because you made this world a better place :) Thanks for not being a jerk.

Love doesn't hurt. It is the person who doesn't know what love is hurts you.- Tony Gaskins

With love and blessings to all of you out there,


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