Dilemma of growing up

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After finishing my degree for about a month, I've finally get the feeling of what most of the people once told me "uni life is the best part of life, you'll know the struggle when you leave uni." 

I'm experiencing the stress right now. Getting a job is not an easy thing. Wait, I should say that 'Getting a job THAT YOU WANT is not an easy thing'. The most common problem that everyone will face is probably this...'Can my salary afford my expenses of my life?' As a fresh graduate, I honestly don't think that the paid salary is enough to sustain my living expenses. No one could imagine the stress level I'm handling right now. 

The thing that pisses me off the most when I tried to tell someone about my stress is when I get reply like "Why stress? You an just get money from your parents ah. / You're a girl leh, stress for what? / You will stress one meh? I see you enjoy everyday. / Just get yourself a husband la, don't need to work." HELLO. If I think like that, I wouldn't tell you that I'm stress already. I have my own dreams to achieve and those dreams requires a fund LOL so I need a job in order to fulfill them. I can only hope that miracle happens, and I'll try my very best to get a job as soon as possible. Pray for me. Please. I'll appreciate if you do.

Perks of growing up:
1. Start thinking more about my future. I am actually pretty worried about it.
2. Don't really give a sh*t about people's judgement anymore. Just live your life the way you want.
3. Seems to be too lazy for nightlife. Nowadays I really don't fancy about hanging out late anymore.
4. I start to spend more prudently. Comparing prices like an aunty because you'll start to realize spending money is easy but earning it requires hell lots of hard work.
5. Appreciate the simple happiness in life. You'll be surprised that I actually feel happy if I spent time working out and cooking a meal for myself.

Despite all these burden that I'm facing right now, I am glad that I have lots of supportive friends and family around me. They believe in me, that's what keep me moving. I am also truly glad to meet someone, which is my current bf, for being supportive when I'm quite lost in life. Thank you all.

My perfect definition of happy life is having a successful career of my own, being able to support my family for a better life, having a supportive and understanding spouse and make some cute kids of my own HAHAHA I believe I'm not the only one facing this and good luck to everyone who is facing the same situation as mine. I hope everything will turn out to be good someday. Just don't give up, keep on trying. Stop only when you success :) 

Stay motivated,

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