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Hello everybody! So this post is gonna be all about SELFIE and YES I'm gonna spam my selfies in this post :P #noshame
We are now living in the 'shameless selfie' generation already. I still remember how we used to feel embarrass and awkward while taking a selfie in public when camera phones were first invented. I'm glad I've actually gone through that era HAHA 
So I'm gonna participate in this M10 selfie star search organized by Canon! Since I love selfie so much..why not just give this a shot? The steps are super easy. Just hashtag your photos while you uplaod it on instagram. Check it out here TBH my dad actually told me about this contest (I hope I can make you proud dad LOL)

How to take a good selfie?

1. Good lighting
This is the most important ingredient for a good selfie! You'll always look better when the surrounding lighting is sufficient. My favourite selfie is always taken under daylight because it's gonna show you a clearer image of my face HAHA 

2. Understand the best angle of your face
If you take selfie very often then you'll figure out which side of your face looks better. I personally think the left side of my face is better.

3. A good camera
For example: a Canon m10 ! A new entry level mirrorless camera with a flip-able screen BEST for selfies! The camera itself look cute too! Try checking them out on Canon's page. My favourite one would definitely be the pink M10!

YES we all look better with a smile on! Come on don't be shy. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight :) Nobody likes to see someone with a grumpy face. Our smile can affect other people's emotion too. Imagine yourself going through a bad day but then you see someone smiling to you, you'll feel better right? Smile more.

I don't know whether this applies to everyone or only me but when I'm in the mood to take a selfie, one is never enough HAHA Then when I took more than 1 satisfying selfie, I'll just make a 4-in-1 collage so I just need to post them once and the effort I put in taking those selfies won't be wasted heh!

Why selfie so much?

To keep memories. I believe that photos bring back memories. Especially when I go on a solo trip, there's not always someone there to take a photo for me so I'll just selfie. At least someday when I'm old I can flip through my old photos and tell my kids "See! Mummy have been here many years ago" etc. Don't be shy. It's no longer funny to see someone taking a selfie now, JUST DO IT. 

It shows our growth too. 
I mean...improvement of our selfie skills HAHA let me show you a few selfies taken by me many years back. We all have those 'innocent' and 'cute' selfies taken many years back. You'll realize how much you've changed! We cannot buy back our youth :(


Duck face used to be a trend ok!!!
A big fan of Canon since....forever HAHA my most trusted brand when it comes to choices for cameras.

Don't judge k!? 

And now....

Look how old I've turned now! Oh wells...

YES YES YES! Pick me pick me! :P I wanna be the selfie star and make my dad proud HAHA
Anyways, I believe Canon will choose the most suitable ones for their image and I'm just trying my luck here! Saw many more photogenic participants OMG You all can give it a try too :)

*fingers crossed* signing off here


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