Product Review: Charcoal mask from Daiso

12:29 PM

As we all know everything in Daiso is only priced at RM5.30 right. Can you believe that a RM5.30 mask actually works quite well?

So at first, one of my friend tried convincing me to try this pore mask out but then initially I'm not willing to risk my sensitive skin on this product because it is considered reallyyyyy cheap and there's no guarantee for it in case anything happen. However in one particular day, my hand got itchy and can't find anything to buy in Daiso so I ended up buying this.


I'm so addicted to this LOL I enjoy peeling the mask off and see all the white heads stuck onto it!

ATTN:// The instructions written were suppose to allow user to use it only on the nose part but I did it on my chin too. So far nothing happen to my face la. Don blame me if anything happen to yours k OPPS

This photo was taken when my nose was still quite clean but TRUST ME, a few more days later I used it again and the satisfaction of peeling those white heads out OOOHHHH no words other than 'shiok' can describe that feeling HAHA (SHUANG!!!! if you understand mandarin)

Try it out if you're interested :) but try it at your own risk HAHA

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AND I TOOK MY BRACES OFF! So not used to it yet. Felt that my teeth are too exposed -.-



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