Reasons why I love London

12:07 PM

Hello I've been away for quite sometime. Decided to be back on my blog again once I'm back in KL but I'm very active on Instagram tho : Janicekbaby (follow maybe?)

Anyways...2016 is not a good year for me I guess. Mishaps happened quite often lately. Recently I just got my laptop stolen in SS15. BEWARE EVERYONE! SS15 is such a dodgy and dangerous place. I've learned my lesson. NEVER LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP IN THE CAR. It just happened 5 days ago and I'm still in minor trauma. Can't get to sleep well lately. Main reason: I lost all my lecture notes that I've stored for yearsssssss in that laptop. My photos, my memories, my assignments...ALL GONE. FTS

BESIDES THAT,  I lost my favorite bag I've searched for so long in UK, my fav lipstick, fav liptint, my corgi keychain...ALL MY FAVORITE THING went missing just because of my carelessness. I blame myself and also that f*cker who took all the stuffs. I hope Karma do exist. 

OK enough of my rant. Back to the main point of this post.

All of the reasons above made me miss London even more. I really hope that I do have the chance to work there someday. Need more luck. 

I don't know why I've heard some UK citizens complaining about their government etc, I guess it's just because they never experience MY government yet LOL so I'm gonna list down a few reasons of why I love London so much.

1. The scenery
Everywhere in London is 'instagramable'. The weather is nice too. I thought it was too cold at first but when I get used to it, I'm loving it! The weather in Malaysia is too hot now. I wanna be back!!!

2. The transportation
The underground and bus services there is damn convenient. I can travel around alone without worrying anything. I just need to put on my earphones with music on then I'm able to walk around for the entire day.

3. The government
I love the fact how UK government plan for their citizens. People who're jobless or low paid get compensated for their living expenses.

4. The price of branded stuffs 
What I mean here is like...the people who work in UK can afford a Chanel bag at only 2000 pounds but for us who work in Malaysia we'll need to save a lot just to buy a RM10,000++ Chanel bag. WHUT! The exchange currency made everything so unfair right. 

5. The fashion sense
I love that I get to wear winter clothings there because it can cover up my fats :P Trench coat is love! I'll never get to wear them in Malaysia as I'll probably faint because of heat stroke if I do so. The people here is really fashionable too. I keep staring on those who wore fashionably whenever I see them on the street. 

6. The student life in UK
I've discovered that my friend who studied abroad do change a lot, in terms of their mindset. They became more open to everything and turned matured all of a sudden (in a good way). They can travel around during their summer break as it's cheaper to fly around from UK. Don't miss the chance if you get to study abroad! 

7. The bars in UK
I start learning to appreciate cocktails while I spend y 3 months holiday in UK. I visited quite a lot of bars just to try their house special cocktail. Especially those rooftop bars or bars located in a high rise building. I get to enjoy the spectacular view while sipping my glass of cocktail. UMMMM that's how life should be.

My love for London is INFINITY. I'll definitely go back again. See you again soon London. Please pray hard for me that I'll get to work there soon. I'm so nervous right now as I'm graduating few months later.


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  1. hey my kuching bish, amanda jordan and abu here. we found this blog very interesting. we would like to see more of your social life soon. next time we want our faces here because why not?. take care with love from your fat friends


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