What I've learned once I start working...

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Oh I'm currently having my internship and it's also like an pre-experience for me to know how it feels like before stepping in to the real world. And I believe we'll meet tons of people in our working environment and we should know how to encounter them all. This is not about the ''knowledge'' that I'm talking about, it's about what I've learned by mixing around with the people around me.

First of all, I've learned that WE SHOULD MAKE PEOPLE RESPECT US.
No matter what you are working as, they should at least respect you. I used to think that if I act cheery and bubbly I'll be more likable but this only gives people the impression that you're not being serious. Even if you are trying to.

Secondly, I've learned that WE CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE.
Most of the people prefer believe in what they listen from others. Oh maybe it's fate or maybe I'm abnormal but there's one woman who likes to complain that I'm always on my phone while i believe that there's TONS of people who does it more often than me but why don't she put more attention on them -.- FINE. I'll just show my rest bxtch face forever & do my job quietly.

I should be prepared that working is so much different that studying. What we can do in uni is all about FUN FUN FUN! but we can't do that in work.

We might think that they're weird but it's just that we do not think the same like them. I believe different people have different perspective and we shouldn't judge.

I've finally know why most people encourage us to work for what we like and those advise from people where they ask us to enjoy our study life. Studying is really much enjoyable than what you'll face in future although I hate exams.


IGNORANCE IS BLISS. Most importantly we should do what we are suppose to do and just take a break after finishing your work with a weekend shopping spree or a happy hour session with friends, Don't be defeated by those unnecessary people who gossips and judge. You should realize the difference in the attitude of a successful person and an ordinary person.

STAY POSITIVE. A bad day does not mean that you'll have a bad life.

THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. Choose to speak wisely as it represents what type of person you are. Stay classy. When people talk about you, keep quiet and walk away if not you'll be like them.

SELF REFLECT. Think about what other people talk about you then fix it. If it isn't true then just ignore because there's much more things that we should feel happy about, why sad?

If you're still holding a grudge on someone, MAKE THEM REGRET. Live a better life & prove that you can and you're better :)  GOOD LUCK


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