Short getaway. Cynthia's 21st

7:23 PM

Aloha, our girl CYNTHIA LEE is turning 21st SOON! on the 11th of July :)
So we flew all the way to KL & gave her a surprise (and also an excuse to take a break from work) HAHA ! It was a success !

So we celebrated her birthday @ Alexis, The Gardens. Thanks to her sweet bf for preparing all these and made this all possible.

Once in a while gathering with these uni mates!

opps really a candid shot and I think I look better without my face shown HAHAHA

Had too much good food during this trip. Picture tells everything. #timetohitthegymagain

Party on the night straight after we landed. Tired as F! 
Reunited with my BFF lucaseelau :)

I know this is crazy but we partied two days in a row. Till the club shuts down. I need to hibernate now. Really need. x.x

1st night at Zouk

2nd night at Providence

You go girl. Dead after this HAHA

What we got for out bday girl :) 

And now I'm gonna spam this post with FOODPORN!...
Hui Lau Shan
Paradise dynasty


and also went to try a new cafe called Every Sundae. Located at Damansara uptown, near village park nasi lemak.
Love the colours of the shop! The waffles are nice but they were pretty pricey. You can choose to DIY your own ice cream combination, like what we did. Both of these cost us RM39.90 ;/
But it's definitely worth a try as I personally have no complaints about it. Complain about the price only la haha  We shared the waffles among 5 people so it's okay la since the portion is quite big too. And thanks to Jet & Shaun for this treat!! :3

Then we also went to a dog cafe called Furry Tales located @ Petaling Jaya (straight opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station area)
The dogs there were obedient and super cute till I can die! LOL I wish they were all mine!! Don't feel like leaving them. I'll definitely go back there anytime HAHA
 To cute to be true right?




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