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Hello everyone! I'm back from my trip to Adelaide. Will update about my trip on my next post. Wondering where to go again on my next holiday :P  So yahhh, are you guys planning a trip to different places during holidays? Anyways, I am sure that cosmetic bag plays an important role in every girl's trip as it is impossible for us to let our cosmetics scattered around in our bag right! And it is also impossible for us not to bring cosmetic with us :P They're the ones who made our (maybe not all of us, but yes for me) photos nicer HAHA
Generally there's 3 different types of cosmetic pouch.
1. The see through transparent pouch.
This is useful for girls who did not want to waste time digging into their pouch to search for the makeup products they want. It's waterproof too so you don't need to worry about spilled products hard to be cleaned off if you're using this type of pouch.
2. Cute and feminine cosmetic bag

I personally would prefer this type of cosmetic pouch as I cannot resist cute stuffs ARGH I saw this exact same pouch while I was on my trip to Adelaide and I regret not buying it now :O Girls would feel happier when they see stuffs they like right? Even your makeup will look nicer when you are happy :D

3. Multipurpose cosmetic bag
This type of cosmetic pouch is for girls who like to stuff everything in one bag to avoid misplaced items. Fast and convenient in packing! 

However, Zalora is launching in some cosmetic bags too and you can check it out on their website.
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Enjoy Shopping!


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