Happy Birthday Female Magazine! #female40

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Happy Birthday Female Magazine! #Female40
 It's unbelievable that you've been on the market for 40 years! truly amazing! Keep it up, there's more to come :) Congrats !
 Very happy to be in this birthday party because everything prepared for us is awesome. The first 500 guests will receive this card where we can redeem our gifts / services from each booth.
My event partner of the day, Carmen. Thank you for coming with me (and also picking me back and forth) glad to have a friend like you who loves to attend events :)
 got some free tattoo stickers from Habitatt supply co.
 There's even a free tarot card reading service. I did not try this because I choose not to believe in all these stuffs. I think that we'll eventually become what they told us because it's actually our mind who control ourselves. If you choose to believe it, it'll happen. So yeah... I choose not to know. HAHAHA
 free flow beers, juices, cocktails and wine for all the guests!
Redeemed a Haagen-Dazs with the coupon too. Love. XOXO
 Free makeup service from makeupforever :)
 Did a minor touched up my make up too.
 The make up artist applied a dash of blue eyeshadow for me. Not bad huh :P
 Also, we got to get our hair done on spot too! Hair styling done by Miko hair saloon :)
Free flow of food too!!! Yumssss...I think I grew some fats already :(

 We had 2-3 rounds because there's even salmon and lamb served few hours later #JaniceisfatJaniceisfat
 Enjoying our dinner in front of the stage.
 Then we went to take pics with the hunks. OOHHH look at their muscles ! I hope the heat in me burn off some calories from the buffet HAHAHA
 Then the event starts around 7.30pm
 Met alot of celebrities and VVIPs at the event. Having a mini fan girling moment whenever I saw someone that I knew. Even the pageant champion etc were there too. I died a lil inside when I saw them. They were all so pretty!!! How & when can I be like them? :(
 With the friendly Amber chia. Nice to meet you Amber.
 And Cherrie Liong from Duogigs.com
 (actually Evangeline was there too but when I wanted to ask for pics, she went to the washroom)
 Kittie Yiyi. A cute designer that I love because I feel happy when I look at her Insta pics. Her fashion style is what I would never have balls to try. They're all very funky, unique and cute!
 Brian See. One of the male top bloggers in Malaysia yo. Keep it up! :)
 Enjoyed a lot in this event. Hope I could attend more event like this in future!! Thanks to Female Magazine.
Have a nice day everyone :)
Happy Malaysia day! *Proud to be a Malaysian*
signing off,

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