First Day in Adelaide !

9:47 AM

How I wish I'm still there. Missing everything there...the food, weather, scenery, people...etc :(
Can't wait to go back again someday. A lot of you might ask, why Adelaide?

  1. Airasia is having promo that time so I bought my two way tickets for only around RM800++
  2. My dearest bff Vivian is there!! :')
  3. It's actually a nice and relaxing place to stay in. Slow pace lifestyle.
  4. Shopping there is CHEAP! You cannot imagine how cheap the stuffs in Adelaide is :X
So now I'm gonna blog what I did on the first day of my trip :)

 First stop after leaving our stuffs in Vivian's place: Zambrero
Zambrero is a franchise restaurant which sells healthy Mexican food. It's kinda like Subway. I tried their lamb burritos and I rate it 8/10 :) not bad quite healthy eh. Was not used to the price in Aud yet as I'll auto convert everything I see to MYR :P
 Went to tour around the North Terrace area, Leigh street etc :)

 Robin, Vivian, Carrie, Clau and ME! Thank you Robin, VIAN & CLAU for being our tour guide in our entire trip :') Miss you guys already! ARGH

 Love the weather there in the afternoon. Sunny but there's still cold wind blowing through because it's SPRING!!! But I really couldn't withstand the weather during night time. So damn cold! *My fats ain't working I know :/ *

First stop : Harbour Town

A factory outlet area which you can shop till you drop. Even after conversion it's still cheap. No joke. I bought a boots for 20 AUD which is less than 60 AUD. Local brand from Australia with top notch quality! Loving it! and most of the clothes I bought were less than 10 AUD (less tham RM30)

FYI, we went there on Thursday. Which there's an extension of opening hours for the shops in suburbs- 9pm. And yes, the shops there close damnnnn early. So not used to it. Normally closes at 5pm. O.M.G. Those in city has extended opening hours on Friday :)

 Time is ticking. Grab all the stuffs we like and TADAH ! Here's the result of our first day shopping haul WTF 
Left only after we got tired :P

 Adelaide is a very clean city. I can see that they had taken care of their city well. People there have good mindset on environmental conservation and most of them were polite and friendly too.

 Dinner time: Went to Almafi @ St. John's Road Barossa 

A nice Italian restaurant which serves awesome pizzas and pastas! It's fully packed and we're lucky enough to get a seat without making any reservations :)

 With my bff. Hi my gay girlfriend. 

 YUMSS missing them all !!
 We walked a lot while we're in Adelaide. If you're afraid of cold you might need to wrap yourself up with many layers of clothes. I'm still cold although I'm wearing a sweater and a scarf. Even boots can help :'D
Nevermind. SELFIE!!

Stay tuned for more


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