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I just finished my finalsssss ! OMG so excited. I've been so stressed up last few weeks. My blog is dead. now re-alive! *I hope*
But somehow, I managed to attend some events n now I'm gonna blog about the interesting ones :D

So yeah, there's an event called Rainfest (Borneo Rain forest Music Festival 2013) that's held annually in Kuching. However they will have a preview of that event in our campus before the actual event start. (It had passed quite a long time tho T^T)

So yeah I did not managed to go back Kuching for it so I went to the preview. I remember that day the haze was terrible. So I wear masks to the event HAHA because I know Bella Kuan n Skyward will be going :D

I'm such a fan girl! Bella Kuan looks so pretty in real life! I'm like kena star-strucked for awhile. I gave her a Starbucks tumblr and she likes it! :)
and she was singing with DMingThing! I think he's the lead singer of Skyward :) He has quite alot of nice videos in YouTube too! Do check it out!
DanKhoo! Most of the ppl probably know him as his "blackout" video during the election went quite viral LOL
Vivian was my companion of the day !
They turned our grand hall into a Borneo-ish music festival! :D There's also a mini bazaar held inside
 *I hope I can be like them, Someday*

This is a food post about a German Restautant. A new place that I discovered. Thanks to Vivian :)
The place is called TJ Haus Restaurant located at SS18, Subang Jaya.

It is located at a very mysterious and secretive place. I will never notice it if no one tells me. Second floor some more.
The interior is very cute n cozy. A lot of unique paintings and decorations in it. I guess the owner surely loves to collect all these cute art deco and put em all in the restaurant xD I don't know why but I feel like Christmas when I'm inside thr LOL
look at all the details ! Lace curtains, ceramic plates on the wall....etc
FOOD !  I cant remember their names n price. sorry. But I can remember that our total bill is around RM80 ++. Quite reasonable right :) for 3 pax.
Chicken Chop with thick mushroom sauce! The meat is very juicy. Crispy at the outer layer and very tender inside :3
Beef with mustard sauce. A very healthy plate of food :D
Grilled beef. I love this as the sauce is very thick n yummy.
The signature cheesecake ! MUST TRY K! you will love it if you're a cheese lover. It taste more like a cheese ice cream ! So smooth lah ! I don't know how to describe to you guys, you just have to try it ! HAHA
so shy..there's a cute boy peeing beside us while we're eating HAHA :P 
This is how it looks from the roadside. Above that Sunrider wadever shop :X


Cynthia's surprise birthday celebration!
we actually went to Alex' 21st birthday party at TGIF before heading to Cynthia's house. She was there too so we have to wait till she went home first then we went to her house n gave her a surprise.
Cake from Free Mori ! The chocolate cake is nice ! moist and rich :)
We still prepared balloons. How sweet of us :P around 10 ppl went to surprised her. HAPPY BELATED BDAY ONCE AGAIN CYN :)


Topshop & Topman reopening at Sunway Pyramid ! FINALLY
it has been closed down around 2-3 months and it's finally open. Love the new design of the store, more spacious as it has upgraded to 2 floors. FML I will burn my pocket leh bcs Sunway so near to my place. HAHA
Went to the private event. with mummy :)
Finger food was catered by Delicious and they were YUMMY!
This was unexpected. I did not know Jane @ Chuckei was going to be there. YOU GUYS KNOW LAH I'm a huge fan of Chuckei. I started my diet plan bcs of her, learn to dress up bcs of her...etc. My idol la k. Fangirl. HAHA I really do hope I can be successful like her one day. Inspiration! Motivation!
Free manicure was given as long as you purchase something. :)
Mummy and me :) 

The new range of collection by Topshop is more to the young and funky side. More vibrant colours and loud patterns can be seen. 
Met the cute Reuben too :)

Joseph Germani! YEAH BUDDY BUD! :D 
NANA Bwincess. So happy she remembered me :) hehe. Always so pretty !

Nom Nom

The next day, I met them at campus again.
Joseph Germani n me
CHUCKEI! *screams*

OKAY too cray cray. I am so happy that I met them hehe.
More often maybe? :D 
Thanks for reading! 


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