Seoul,Korea ! Part 1

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Annyeong :)
I went to Seoul, Korea on 31st of July till 8th of August and I'm now finally back in Kuching. WHEEE It was such a fruitful trip and I miss every moment in Korea. I have the urge to go for plastic surgery !! OMG I felt so low self-esteem over there as everyone looks so damn perfect k. Not everyone la..but MOST OF THEM. Idk why..maybe Korea's water is better than the ones in Malaysia? HAHA Koreans are tall! I think I'm probably some weirdo tourist that always observe them from head to toe. Love the way they dress too. Simple yet nice. Face problem? :(

So and another 5 friends went to Korea together. It took us around 6 hours to reach there (From KL). I was still stoning when I'm in the plane as I cannot believe that I'm actually going to Korea :O I thought that I couldn't buy lots of stuffs there and I thought that they might be quite pricey BUT NO! I was wrong. Everything was cheap there except the food that cost average RM20 per meal and transportation fees. But still okay la. So I ended up spending 4k for the expenses of my trip FML

Worth it tho! SPAM ALL UR MONEY ON BEAUTY PRODUCTS GIRLS!! if not you'll regret la...Since you're already there,why not? :P

First Station : Myeong-Dong area. (fashion district)
The guesthouse that I stayed in was super near here. 
New MyeongDong Guesthouse :)
 (from left to right): Seng Poh. Sue Jing, JiaXin, Me, Yi Hwan, John (our Korean friend) & Jessie 
Breakfast was also provided :D
They gave us ramen, toast bread, coffee, cereal n milk for bfast :D
MyeongDong fashio district where you shop till you drop :P
The first restaurant that we have our dinner. *I don't really rmb d name :'( jetlag maybe HAHA* but it is a restaurant that serves nice chicken. :D

Even the flowers by the road is so pretty :P It is a clean city. 
An office building opposite my guesthouse. So modern n environmental friendly :P I like the fact that Koreans are very innovative and eco-friendly. They always have a special area for smokers and they even put some plants or tress inside LOL even in restaurants the smoke from cigars will be ventilated out so it wont really spread. Malaysia clubs should practice this !!!
I think this mint green cute vehicle is a taxi. YES? NO? because we only take train in Korea. Dunno anything about taxi. Heard that it is expensive :/
Jia Xin with her typical tourist shot!
Yi Hwan with his food. The street food is nice! TRY ALL OF EM!
This aunty said: "Don't block the way!!! SHOO SHOO" haha in Korea lauguage translated by John lol

Evem the police car also so nice. Why ah?

What I love about Korea: NO TAX !!! 
*I cannot say all but 90% of the restaurant don't have service tax, government tax....*

Saw this in We Got Married Global Edition where Emma,Gui Gui went to eat with Tae Hyeon. Smash it! So I tried too but it taste so so only. Cost around RM7++





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