Food Hunters ! (My Elephant + Food Foundry)

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Hi I'm back from Johor and Malacca yesterday. Went for a site trip for Building Materials but it is more about bonding with my course mates.  Hmmm but I'm gonna blog about it on my next post.

This post is about a food trip with my fellow friends before my trip :)
I would like to recommend this restaurant to you guys, My Elephant. I went there for lunch and it was cheap and nice. Lunch operation hours is from 12 - 2 pm.

My Elephant Address:  (at SS2 area)
Block C-G4, Happy Mansion, Section 17,  Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

010-220 1283

They also serve dinner but it is normally fully booked. So remember to book before you go ya :)

OH YA! This is a Thai food restaurant!

Fresh flower will be placed on each table :) I love the settings there. Nice, simple, clean n comfy :)
 Our set lunch comes with a free pandan drink. Don't judge a drink by its look oh! The first sip of the drink will make your eyes goes O.O hahahaha I LIKE!
Meet my new friend JANICE! YES same name oh! I seldom find people name Janice oh :P 

YAYY Food is finally served !
 Rice + Green Curry Chicken - RM 9.90
 Rice + Gaeng Mat Sa Man (Thai Milky Chicken Curry) - RM 11.90
 Rice + Northern Thai Style Curry Chicken - RM11.90
Rice + Panaang Curry Chicken - RM 11.90
 Mango Sago for dessert ! - RM 6.50


 The interior of the restaurant
 The food hunters xD Janice, Janice, Vivian n Samantha 

Overall experience: 8.5/10
The food there is cheap n authentic. The curry broth are thick and nice. Served with brown rice, HEALTHY! But ....the portion can be bigger! HAHAHA

We can't stop ourselves from eating...yeah yeah...I know what's in ur mind "so fat liao still eat? always say diet diet diet sai ah?! HAHAHA" I know *guilty*

YOLO! lolllll fml
 Food Foundry ! We're here for the Mille Crepe Cake !
 Waaa so many choices which one to choose hoh?!
Then we decided to order the Vanilla Crepe Cake (RM9) n Mango Crepe Cake (RM11)
 WHEEE...Butterflies all around the wall
 The design of this shop is cute. I love how the people nowadays design their cafes and restaurant. The materials used are not pricey yet it made us feel happy, cute and cozy (OMG I think my profession sickness is getting serious LOL)

 Look at the cute fluffy squirrel on the wall...cute rightttt !!

 Selfie :D
Not really happy with the cake this time. I remember it tasted better on my last visit. Maybe the weather is too hot and the cream kinda melted. It tasted OK only. Not like what I expected :( felt disappointed.

Oh ya...four of us are actually neighbours :P We stay at the same row of houses HAHA Then we went Samantha's house after our lunch & I found out that she got this super cute coffee machine OMG
 OOHHH! I feel like a sakai. Just insert the coffee package and press some button then coffee is done! Tasted better than the package ones ! IN LOVE WITH THIS THING !
Someone pls give me this as a gift ! HAHAHA

Stay tuned for my next post about my 3 days 2 nights site trip! GOOD NIGHT

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