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5:57 AM

Hello :) Anyone still reading my blog?
I'm more active on Instagram ! Do follow me at Janicekbaby ! hehe

Love monotone photos recently :) And I just bought the shades from Ellui accessories :) 
Vintage n retro look :D

You can buy it at Ellui accessories :D

BTW I just fell down last week OMG. IT HURTS BADLY
WHY! I'm so clumsy :( So now I have two patch of extra accessories on my knee. People always give a weird stare at them o.O I wonder what they think LOL
 This afternoon, Me, Vian , Samantha n Ruth went to Thymes Restaurant,Taylor's University for lunch. 

It is served by the hospitality students. RM 12 per pax..but...it took us 2 hours to finish them WTF
New students ma,but food ok lah,,since it's quite cheap. Taylor's students can try oh but u have to book 1 day before at their divisional office :)

 Appetizer : Cream Cheese Spaghetti

 Lamb on the rack, Main course
 This is the girl that served us..she was on training. The lecture damn pek chek teaching them leh HAHAHA 
 YUMMERS! RM 12 for lamb!! :P
 Served with chick pea and potatoes !!
This is the dessert of the day. Lemon meringue with caramelized pineapple ! A bit sour lahh

Overall was 6/10 
Jia you guys...I will visit more often if you guys become pro-er LOL

END here with my monotone selfie :D

YAYYY I'm going to Korea with my friends on July ! Can't wait for it ^^v this weekend I'm having site trip to Johor & Melaka too ! WOHOO I LIKE IT! but have to finish tomorrow's exam first *fingers crossed*



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