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HELLO :) How's your day?
 It's already May ! :O TIME FLIES !

So basically this is a blog post about how I spend my MAY ! WOHOOO...
starting from 1st of May, LABOUR DAY = HOLIDAY! \(^_^)/ what a great start of the month..LOL

On that day, I spent my whole at Paradigm mall with Sharon, Evin and Vivian. The mall was packed. Some fashion show stuffs going on and the models are HOT ! omg their legs r super long n their face features super nice ! I am stunned until I forgot to take picture of them -__-
 Went to Chilli's for out BRUNNER (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner) lol
Why? because we were too full...we did not know that the food portion will be God damn huge!
 LOOK AT THIS ! omg...a meal which cost us RM 160++ we did not really finish it, what a waste :(
 Theme of the day : Checkered shirt. maybe we look more like a labour wearing checkered shirt HAHA WTF
 Shopping after out meal to burn calories n $$$ HAHAHA T^T


 Oh ya, My friend wanna sell this watch. From Fossil. BRAND NEW ! 
She wanted to sell it bcs it is a gift from some unwanted ppl HAHAHA... So ya, I'm helping her to promote. This is a nice watch btw :) If interested, pls PM me ^^

 3rd May.
So after class, Me and Vivian went to Sunway Pyramid... 
First Station, STARBUCKS ! It was during the Happy Hour 50% discount on Frappucino. OMG I love love love Happy Hour. Oh ya, the "Dreamy Nana" (Banana cake above :P) is yummeh. U did something good while eating that u know?! 15% of the profit goes to charity! eat more banana products at Starbucks to help the poor :')

The is something called the Passport To Fashion thingy going on in Sunway. They have photo booths located at the centre court area and I just cannot resist to snap some pics there :P
Vivian & I submitted our photo too.. Like this photo at :

Thanks !

more camwhore shots xD
 with my new bf T^T

Vivian's Scandal ! LOL

After that, our kind friend Ryan picked us up and we went to Bangsar for dinner.
Antipodean @ Bangsar. A very low profile restaurant. The menus are written on the wall. So cool n environmental friendly right? HAHA 

It was raining heavily that day so it took us more than half an hour to reach here :O But surprisingly, nothing stops the customers even the rain. They were much more people than what I expected.
A very cosy and romantic place to dine in.
Ryan's smoked salmon with roasted vege n chickpea salad. WARNING ! This meal is cold. Like a cold platter. but there were no warning from the waitress.
Vivian n me ate the Big Breakfast. We saw this on Instagram very often and we were dying to try this...FINALLY. I like it ! especially the sausage n the fresh button mushrooms!

After that we went for desserts...OMG #fatJanice

Dip n Dip
Near Bangsar Village, the road next to number76 saloon :)
The happy people waiting for some sugar rush LOL
Chocolate fountain...do u feel like dipping ur head in for some chocs? 
Vivian the skinny monster :@ thank God I did not ate much that night. I think God gave me strength to resist chocolates that night HAHA
Molten cake ! RM 13.50
Thanks Ryan for this treat. Try them out if u have not !

Hope u guys enjoy my blog post n do suggest me what should I blog about?! :)


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