19th Birthday Celebration

1:58 AM

Hi readers, I know my blog has been dead for quite some time T^T 
So I'm gonna update about my 19th bday celebration @ Magenta Restaurant on 21st of Feb.
So long already right...sorryyyy
I don't know why but I am kinda unglam during this birthday. There was only a few, yet important friends celebrating with me. Feel blessed enough :)
Magenta's food was nice and big in portion, but kinda pricey tho. Not bad. Worth a try. The environment there is super quiet and isolated. It is located at the old court house there. If you want a quiet date, it'll be a good spot.
 Fish and chips
 Seafood platter
 Bolognese Spaghetti 
 Lamb Shank

Actually I was kinda sad because I ordered a Rilakkuma cake and it looked like that. I laughed because it looks funny T^T
 Nevermind.. lesson learnt. HAHA Never put too much expectation on a last minute ordered cake. But it still taste good ! Thank God.
Thank you for attending my birthday celebration ! Love u all XOXO

 Censored LOL
 I look tired n unglam right? :'((((
 Make a wish !
Blow !

I'm 19 ! YAY :) 
I wish I can grow and learn more throughout my life. Hope that me myself, my friends and my family will have good health n wealth. And also my readers ! All the best everyone :)
Thanks for all the precious presents. I did not expect these and THANK YOU once again.


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