Uncle's Wedding

9:15 AM

Hello Readers ! The picture above is my fav selca pic of the month! WOHOO
nice onot? 
Doesn't look like me I know lahhh~ don't judge kay. I'm good in taking pictures of myself ma. Plus edit edit a lil bit then I'll instanly become a chiobu LOL *in pictures only T^T*

I wish I can also be a chiobu in real life :( I need a nose job, liposuction n braces on my teeth...then I'll look awesome I THINK HAHAHA

Oh well this post is about my uncle's wedding @ Li Garden. So yeah, my connection of relatives had just expanded again, and I found out some of my friends had became my non-blood related relatives LOL The world is so small :D 
 Congrats to them :) Jason & Sze Lin. Oh ya, my UNCLE looks young right. I have lots of young uncles, some even younger than me. Bopien lo, they r my mum's cousin ma :)))
 I love the singing performance of that night throughout the wedding. Forgot to take a picture of the singer AIHH :( *blogger fail*

 YAM SENGGG ! Guys are usually excited during the Yam Seng session LOL
 Look at their faces :D
 Cheers. Took a few of pics only at that night. Din even have a proper pic of me with the bride n groom T^T

I have quite a few selca pics taken in the car,otw to the wedding :P
 #3 Showing my teeth :B

That's all for today...Hope you all enjoy :3

OH YA, Google read is closing soon. Download NuffnangX and FOLLOW ME please ! Thanks peeps ^^


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