Kuching Food Marathon :)

2:00 AM

Yohoo ! This is once again a blog post about FOOD ! I'm back in Kuching and I've finally eaten my first bowl of Laksa ! YUM YUM.
So basically, my friend brought me out for a food marathon ! HAHA where is the diet plan? *guilty*
We went to Choon Hui Cafe,Ban Hock Road next to Grand Continental Hotel, for our breakfast :) Choon Hui Cafe is kinda famous in Kuching. Always packed with customers.
 Sarawak Laksa !
Price: RM 4 (normal), RM 6 (special)
 I miss it so much. I've heard that there's also one Kuching Laksa stall in Bangsar,KL but I never try it yet. I shall go next time when I start to miss Kuching Laksa :P
Seafood mee.
Price: RM 5 
The seafood mee here is okay. I think recently the price of Kuching food is kinda expensive recently. I remember few years ago, I still can find a pack of kolo mee which costs less than RM 2 but when my mum bought it few days ago, it's already RM 3 :/
Price: RM 2.50
Love this popiah ! :) 
 Jason & Chen Yii ! They are the ones who brought me out for food LOL

After that, we went to MERDEKA PLAZA.
I've heard about it since long time ago but I've finally have the chance to go there. Some people love it, some don't. For me, I think ok ok lah~ Still prefer to shop in KL :D
 Outside Merdeka Plaza :)
 OOTD: Tshirt- CDG, Shorts- Zara, Slippers- Fitflop, Cardigan- Unknown, Studded Bag- From Cotton On but I studded it myself. It's actually a clutch ! :)

Hello...we're....GOING IN ! 
 Chinese New Year decoration is UP ! Can't wait for it.
I think the design....CAN BE IMPROVED haha...
 But I really love the design of Quiksilver here. The picture can't really tell why I love it. But I feel like I'm in Sunway Lagoon when I saw the design of this shop ^^
 Yes..We have Dorothy Perkins here. Like..Finally. 
*but no Topman, Topshop or Miss Selfridge*
The outlook of this store looks like a Kbox or Game shop right? It's actually a shop that sells baby stuffs. Bebe Haven = BABY HEAVEN? LOL 
 First COTTON ON in Kuching. 2 floors ehhh ! Not bad mahhh ~ 
The cute gingerbread shop :)

We walked to Carpenter street from Merdeka Plaza. Have not been there for yearssss. It's quite near to the mall !
The weather was hot and sultry, but we enjoyed the feeling for being a "one day tourist" xD. We went for FOOD again...
Went into this Baba Nyonya shop which serves cheap ABC and ICE KACANG ! :)
Only RM 2.20. The uncle in the shop is friendly too.
 Just too awesome for the hot weather !!!
I'm having Ice Kacang with santan (coconut milk)
The look of the shop. Quite clean.

 We proceed to a  stall that sells pork satay & fish ball noodle.
 Located in front of an old opera stage in carpenter street.
 The satay. RM 0.60 each.
Fish ball soup. RM 4 (small)
We did not eat much because we are kinda full already.

It is right opposite this Chinese temple.
At that night,
I went to my cousin's bday party. Nathan is officially 6 years old.

 Naughty boy making a :( face. He's actually very happy because he received lots of pressie !

Sign out here, with love.


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  1. You sure can eat a lot. This is one of the best thing about Kuching. Its a heaven for most food lovers. Is like you get coffee shops and kopitiams down the road 3 blocks away from where you stand and there is bound to be another one.


  2. Ya Man ! Kuching food are cheaper n nicer too :) are you from Kuching too?

  3. Anyone can tell where can find Kuching food in KL. I know Pavilion republic food court do have.. really miss them.


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