Kuching is LOVE !

1:00 PM

I'm already in my hometown, Kuching, for the forth day ~
going oout almost everyday WOHOO! I love my friends =D

now I'm gonna show pics that make u all die of cuteness xD
That is....my doggies :P
 Hi Cuppy * I dunno whether she can see or not LOL*
 Teddy n Cuppy :)

Thanks to Lucas who picked me on Monday, 10am in the morning for breakfast ! YAY
Sista :3
So I've finally have my first bowl of laksa in Kuching :D
 LAKSA ! Yummy :)
 KOLO MEE ! *this is wad he ate* =)
 We went Spring, Boulevard, Secret Garden n OneJaya that day ^^
So ya I brought along my DSLR n we took lots of awesome pics :D
 So yeah,if u r my loyal reader...U'll knw that he is my brother,buddy....LUCAS ^^
 and I also did some photoshoot for him ~

 Met Alby in onejaya ^^

YAY ! we watched PAINTED SKIN 2 too :)
It was nice ~ A MUST WATCH MOVIE :3
tata ~~ FOLLOW ME YA !


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