about my one month holiday back in hometown :)

12:32 PM

Hi readers...
so sorry to keep u guys waiting...I'm back =P
So last month,I hv my sem break for 1 month...so I went back Kuching,my hometown.
So I'll show some of the pictures I've taken while I'm in Kuching. :)

My garden..I miss my doggies again :'( It's so hard to separate with them :(
a beautiful sky taken by me ...although it's blur,but u can see that the colour of the sky is awesome right..xp

Ok so now I would like to share pics of food....PREPARE YA !!
This is the MUST TRY famous Kolo Mee from Kuching :0
if u guys have chance to visit Kuching, MUST TRY ya ! ^^
Big portion chicken chop from Alfresco. It's only RM15. The awesome-est chicken chop I've ever ate =D
Homemade noodles ^^ I used to have this every morning when I'm young...
Prawn cake n fried yam..I usually eat it with ais kacang..but I forget to take a pic of Sarawak's awesome ais kacang..It's different compared to the ais kacang in KL. I prefer Sarawak ones :p
Ding bian hu...this is a foochow food,kinda like it tho =) I always eat this for breakfast :D
Popiah !!!
big n fat wanton...I MISS THIS :3
Kampua... sarawak food too =p
BIDIN !!!! This is sooooo gooood....can't believe that KL does not hv this. cos they can only be grown in tropical forest i think LOL... 
Mixed beans in sambal~~~
Yam basket :D
Claypot fish with yam ! MY FAVOURITEEEEE~~~ too nice...
I'm hungry now
Best cupcake in town ! It's moist and not so sweet
From a cupcake shop at The Hills shopping mall,Kuching.
Frog leg porridge YUMMEERSSS

The food I'll be showing next are from Joyous ShangHai... a famous restaurant..also called Lok Thian. My family went there for dinner to celebrate the coming back of my uncle from L.A.
The food there was just soooo good !
starter...butter chicken
this is the starter too...they look so-so only but the taste was unexpectedly GOOD
Shark fin soup...ohh I feel bad..because we shud not eat shark fin :'(
Chicken cooked in herbs i think? LOL tastes so delicious
FRIED BUTTER PRAWN !!! this dish was impressive.. the prawn was actually as big as my palm :O
erm...dont really know the eng name for this fish but in hokkien is called Bek Chio xD
Mixed vege with almond nuts
PORK LEG..the skin is...transparent and bouncy HAHAHA

This is Kong Pia...only sold in some of the kopitiam. It is actually a food from Sibu, Foochow food
I like this too because it is stuffed with minced meat and the outher bread is crispy =)

and...THE BEST OF ALL...
the no.1 in my heart...it is the best laksa..you should have try it

this is at four points Sheraton hotel...went there for mum's bday celebration ^^

That's all for the food . HUNGRY? :P

So yeah....one of my friend, Chiangz is heading Singapore for further studies.
So we actually planned to surprise him. But failed. 
His flight went off earlier than what we thought.
So this is the card we made for him.
and the flowers =( but anyway...take care my friend..all the best !

souveniers I bought from Kuching for my KL friends ^^

and I also organised a BBQ party at my hse before I came back to KL :")

Below are some of the unorganized random pics in Kuching:

Me n my friends
Siew Ling n me
Me #1
me #2 LOL
me #3 xD
me #4
I extracted 2 tooth HAHAHAHA
My first try on gradient nails...kinda fail tho :X

Then...came back to KL on 28th of July
Tracy also came to Taylor's Lakeside :D
and I've already started shopping once I came back....fml....LOL
that's all for today


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