Uni life :) ( FFF trip and WEDDING !!! )

4:48 AM

Hi readers...long time no see yeahh~
my course have ALOT of assignments..EVERY WEEK
omg..not enuf slp recently :(

now im gonna start to blog about my experience to Furry Friends Farm..
It's a dog n cats shelter..around 200 dogs and 150 cats..oh andyea,few bunnies
I just joined Paws Club so I went this volunteer trip with them 
and I feel so sad for them..Although I hv to help dem bath n clean their poops :/
They're like us..they hv their own attitude..some grumpy,some friendly,and some like to b alone
I really hope that I can understand them and help them :(
If I become rich someday,I swear to God that I'll help those stray dogs n let dem live in a better place
I REALLY don't understand why ppl abuse and abandon dogs..they're so cute n sincere..better than human beings :')

 They have to live in a locked compound..like forever I think :(
they're separated in different area..
Any kind ppl wanna help them??? =(

enough for the sad stories =(
now I''m gonna start with a happier ones !!
on the next day,A wedding was held in my school..
YES! u did nt see wrongly..A WEDDING !!
cool rite?? =)
If I'm not wrg,the bride is one of the staff of my school
It's FAITH and MAX wedding ! 
the groom is frm Kuching,Sarawak too !!! WHEEEE...
Although I dunno u guys,
but I wish that both of u will stay happy n sweet forever..and God Bless ur family and both of you  =)
*I watched the wedding for around 5 hours !!*
 I like their performances n their decoration of the venue

Let me show you guys d picha ^^
their wedding is decorated based on baby blue colour~their bridesmaid also wore baby blue colour dresses..
the deco is kinda cute n stylish..they hv great idea on decorating it 

 Dinner by the lakeside..romantic hohhhh =P
the stunning bride
 Pretty wedding dress..I like it sooooo much !
 dang dang dang dang~~~~*claps*
 saw their baby blue dresses??? nice rite???
I love my new rilakkuma baby !! AWW

I think that's all for now..
take care everyone ! 


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