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9:37 AM

 Paul Frank Crazy Smackers Photo Contest is invading my school !
WOOTS ! so happy la today =D
on my way to Chatime,me n Cynthia spotter this lop smacker booth n the emcee came to ask us some questions n we both won something...
Cynthia answered a ques tat was "what is lip smacker??"
and she answered :"Lip gloss" So she won a Fanta blackcurrant flavoured lip gloss ! YAY

AND my turn...I was requested to sing a song for 1 minute..dafaq?? HAHA
and I sang "just the way you are"...*dun ask me why..bcz thr's only this song in my mind at tat time?* LOL xD
then I won 2 lip balm and 1 lip gloss coca-cola flavoured pack ! WHEE

I'll talk abt the photo contest thg ltr on...continue reading first =p
 So don't miss the chance !!
check whether ur school is chosen for this roadshow o not !!
 The booth =) lots of cute lip balm...arghhhh
I was controlling myself..If not I'll overspent again :(
 YAY !! see my coca-cola lip smacker set ^^
 mine n Cynthia's gift
 this is Cynthia =) cute lil girl ^^
 I'm nt wearing lens tat time =( weird onot?

 Paul Frank YAY !!! love the lip smacker !
my coca-cola lip smacker seriously so tasty la !!! I feel like licking my lips everytime I put it on..WTF HAHAHA
 Nahh ! I won 2nd place for the photo contest...walao I know I'm fat
I'm trying hard to lose weight =( dun laugh at me..I'm really just photogenic during self-shot T^T
I'm sooooo HAPPY !
the grand prize gift is an iPhone 4 casing ...luckily I dun get it cos I'll not hv the chance to use it..
I'm gonna give this pillow to my mummy :')
She LOVES monkey..hehe

Stay tuned ~


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