July Updates

8:13 PM

Hello readers, It's already July omg! Half of 2017 is gone! 

So today I'm gonna have some sentimental talk today. Do you guys ever felt that relationships, friendships, these things that involved feelings are sometimes quite fragile? It doesn't work when it's only one party who's trying to fix the problem. However when you encounter with someone who doesn't really put effort or care so much, the relationship that you're holding on might be gone anytime.

How many heartbreaks we should have been through to find the right one? The most meaningful movie that I've watched recently is called "heartbreak 77" How much would you let someone you love to hurt you until you decide to leave?

Is it wrong to pamper someone? No. But find someone who'll appreciate it. Find someone who remember your good. This apply to any girl or guy. Unless you're ok enough to tolerate him/her for the rest of your life. Maybe they'll improve in future but you make the decision whether you wanna take this risk or not. Some people are just meant to be temporary lovers. 

When you reach a certain age, there's not much time for you to waste anymore. Especially girls. Can't no longer tolerate immature relationships, unrealistic romance, empty promises, false hopes. Communication & understanding is the key to maintain a healthy relationship.

The saddest thing on earth is actually someone who used to be your lover will stay a stranger after the relationship ends.

ANYWAYS, girls....if in case you're feeling sad. Do something that could cheer you up. LOVE YOURSELF. Don't rely on someone and make them feel like they're the superior one and don't appreciate you.

You can go on a date with your girlfriends. or go shopping!!! You can also shop at http://collinstreet.co/ (IG: @Collinstreet.coif you don't feel like going out. Shopping make us happy right hehehe

Here's my ootd that I got from Collinstreet They have many affordable and nice clothes arghhh. Can't control the shopaholic in me! 

Have a good day everyone!


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