What do you want in life?

8:51 AM

  Sometimes when I think about life I often question myself "WHAT DO I WANT IN LIFE?"
There were times that I felt quite motivated to achieve what I want but there were also times which I felt very down about my life. Definition of a good life varies according to different people. For me, I would think that having a successful career/business of my own and a loving family would be what I've wished for. 
  I guess at this point of life, many of us are still lost yet struggling to walk to the right path. Every single day I've been constantly asking myself "How should I improve myself and my life right now? What can I do?" TBH I don't wanna live ordinarily because I think every moment that I'm having right now is soooo precious that I don't wanna waste them by doing ordinary stuffs. And to live extraordinarily, I would need lotssss of cash $$$ hahaha sad to say that this is a realistic world. We can't really do anything if we weren't financially capable. 

Just recently, I've discovered on how to set my goals and make sure I achieve them according to my plan. Not sure whether it'll work for you but I'm pretty sure that it helps a little.

  1. List down your plans according to steps and set a time frame. OK this might sound lame I know. I used to see successful people saying that this is how they set their goals and I think that they're just bullshitting and I don't think it really matters and it is not the vital cause of their success BUT trust me, just write it down and look at it everyday. It might be the law of attraction or some mind influencing tactics idk but it really keep you motivated and you'll feel the satisfaction when you strike of those list after achieving the things you've listed down. I've done a few and I'm proud to say that I managed to achieve them. I am flabbergasted by myself. Thank God :)
  2. Be sincere. Be sincere to everyone around you. When you are sincere to people, they'll feel it and you want people to be sincere to you too right? :) Life is too short to play games. When people treats you bad, it doesn't mean that you have to be like them. They might even changed if they reflect on their own actions when they see you reacting the way they didn't expected. I've always like to make friends around but I never thought that I've made plenty of supportive friends. Even those who rarely showed up will also remember you if you're being a sincere friend to them. Thanks guys! I hope I'm a sincere friend to most of you :') sorry if I did anything that offended you before but you can tell me because sometimes I don't really mean it.
  3. Find the reason that you wanna work hard for. It might be someone or even some thing. The reason why I start to be on track is because I've found someone that I wanna work hard for. You might ask me why? Shouldn't you be working hard for yourself instead of someone? Ya, we always work hard for ourselves but when you found someone/something that you really want them/it to stay as long as possible, you'll work even harder. It'll keep you more motivated.
  4. Remember to be happy. When things doesn't fall onto the plans you want, don't get too despair till you got yourself in depression. Maybe it's just because you didn't try hard enough? :) 

I hope to see the people in our generation became successful. Even if it's not me, I'll feel glad that if my friends managed to achieve what they want in life too! Never think that your dream is too big! Every successful stories starts from a dream!

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Have a pleasant day everyone,

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